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Welcome to our inaugural issue of The Intuitive-Connections Network. As its masthead reads, this "webzine" is intended to create an online intuitive learning community. It is inspired by the legacy of Edgar Cayce. His most basic message, both by word and deed, is that there is guidance within. Another important message is that there is spiritual significance, even revelatory power, in a community of people who share their experiences in learning. We saw the dynamic power of this principle in the printed editions of Sundance: The Community Dream Journal, also inspired by Cayce’s advocacy of an association of learners. This brief experiment, operating some twenty five years ago is now given credit for helping to spark the "dreamwork movement," whose operating anthem is that an individual is the best interpreter of one’s own dream, and is potentially qualified for the job.

Because the same dream that led to the Sundance journals also led to a new approach to intuition, called "The Intuitive Heart.", I have included that history here in this first issue. What will be the implications of a community of people sharing their intuition experiences, and doing so online? We'll begin to find out.

One of our premier articles offers some insight into this process: Karyn Greenstreet, who has a lot of experience with teaching intuition online, and provided an introduction to the potential of this medium. She offers a significant discovery about the experience of intuition online, something that has important ramifications for our work.

An online community, can be in real time and remote at the same moment. What is distance to intuition? Remote viewing, suggesting the direct contact of "seeing," yet the distant relationship of being "remote," has some of the mystery of intuition itself. Our inaugural issue is honored to have one of the pioneers of remote viewing, Lyn Buchanan, explaining the origins of this process. Remote viewing is having a dramatic impact on society’s perception of intuition, and his article has generated comments even before publication. I appreciate these people for providing us with some important stimulants to generating ideas for future issues.

There is quite a bit of intuition work being presented on the internet. I’ve presented three of these and plan to present many more in the future. In this issue I’ve featured the web sites of our Lyn Buchanan and Karyn Greenstreet, both because of their excellent content, and also by way of saying thanks for their articles. The supreme intuition website belongs to the Intuition Network, which has, among its massive information, an archive of interviews by Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., with the leading pioneers in consciousness research. Thanks to Debbi Leighton we have a summary of his interview with intuition pioneer Helen Palmer.

There is also quite a bit of publishing activity in the field of intuition. We don’t have the time to read all these books. Until such time as we can sleep on these books and absorb their content, as Edgar Cayce is said to have done, it can be helpful to have brief digests prepared for our quick reading. I am grateful to Lorrie Kazan and Verdella Denwiddie for preparing brief summaries of two important books on intuition, Awakening Intuition and The Wise Child.

To accompany the book digest on children’s intuition, I managed to catch Leslie and Charles Thomas Cayce and interview them on lessons learned from their own children’s intuition. I think their story shows how intuition can be a normal part of family life and provide enriching experiences.

The Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies has been providing rich learning experiences for many years as three articles give evidence. Rhonda Miller writes about her experiences at the "Edgar Cayce Legacy" course discovering the power of her intuition. Jinna van Vliet describes her experience in a home study course on using intuitive guidance from dreams. Finally, I have provided an initial peek at "soul self-portraits" drawn by people attending the course, "The Intuitive Imagination." It is a small step toward recognizing the significance of intuition in spiritual vision.

We have something special to offer to "subscribers only." We need you to "subscribe" (there is no fee) for reasons outlined in the subscription page--basically to show support for our work. As an incentive to subscribe, we plan on providing special content each issue that will be available only to those who have subscribed. In this issue we are publishing the history of research with psychics at A.R.E. (the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the membership organization founded by Edgar Cayce). As part of this report, we provide the list of all the psychics who have established themselves as truly helpful with their skills in an atmosphere where quality is required. It is a first step in helping to provide a foundation for society’s understanding of the role and services of the professional psychic, or "intuitive" in today’s political correct climate. We hope that you’ll find this list useful enough to you to warrant your subscribing to our webzine in order to get access to that information.

We’ve received help from many individuals. Thanks to Debi Schneider for help in designing the plumbing for our first issue. Thanks to "Hipis" for the design of the "stationery" that surrounds the content for each and every page. Thanks to J.J. Surbeck for help in making some of the links operate properly. Thanks to Andrew Meeks for helping with the subscribers’ password operation. And thanks to Herk Stokely for making this webzine possible.

All articles of whatever type provide a mechanism for our readers to contribute their own comments and experiences. Our webzine desires to make its "pages" open to all for their input. Our work is not an official publication of the Edgar Cayce Institute, but rather is inspired by its ideals and purposes. You can contribute to our webzine efforts and the efforts of those who are developing their relationship to intuition by your comments and your input of whatever type. Be sure to browse our "Help Wanted" page. We hope that you will forward the link to our webzine to your friends and colleagues, thereby helping to make more conscious the intuitive connections that make us part of a living whole.


Henry Reed, Ph.D.


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