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Edited by HENRY REED, Ph.D.

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Develop Confidence in your Intuition

While Learning Practical Methods You Can Use In Your Daily Life

Carol Ann Liaros




  • Psychometry to obtain intuitive information by holding objects.

  • To detect the presence of the human aura

  • Remote viewing

  • Special methods of relaxation and concentration.

 CAROL ANN LIAROS, author of Intuition Technologies, is one of the most highly respected psychics in America. She has developed her professional career as a psychic for more than thirty-five years.Carol Ann has taught courses in intuition enhancements to physicians, nurses, business people, and other professionals.

Henry Reed


Experience the Intuitive Heart path of spiritual growth and the healing power of intuitive intimacy while you learn how to:

  • Listen intuitively
  • Use imaginary to experience psychic connections with others
  • Do inspirational writings for spiritual guidance
  • Discover the telepathic healing power available in your dreams

HENRY REED, Ph.D., is one of the world's leading authorities on successful methods for training people to develop psychic awareness. He has his own consulting practice and leads workshops around the country. Among his publications are: Awakening Your Psychic Powers, Channeling Your Higher Self, and The Intuitive Heart

A balanced training approach where you can safely explore and develop your intuitive and psychic ability.

You are encouraged to email your questions about the content of this program
to the instructors,
Carol Ann Liaros and Henry Reed.

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visit their web sites:
Carol Ann Liaros and
Henry Reed

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