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June 29, 2007
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This site is a member of Intuition Development WebRing
The Internet has many web sites that provide opportunities for intuition training. They include, not just pep talks and hints, but real-time, interactive on-line training.

Anomalous Cognition
The University of Amsterdam's Faculty of Psychology has a website devoted to student research projects.You can download a program to run ESP tests on your computer.

Premonitions Registry
This email list group,
was set up by the Intuition Network shortly after the 911 disaster. People are encouraged to post their premonitions.

Intuition in Service
Help in the awakening of the intuition, and highlight its role in the creation of a better world. Promote human unity and right relationships by encouraging individuals and groups to support the United Nations Days and Years through meditation and prayer...

U.S. Psi Squad
Combine Remote Viewing with Psychic Detective work in a group format and what do you get? The U.S. Psi Squad. Founded by Beverly Jaeger, the squad is a group of individuals who have developed a specialized skill through training.

Intuition Network
The Intuition Network is the premiere intuition organization. Founded by Westin Agor, of the University of Texas, and then adopted by Jeffrey Mishlove, the Intuition Network has organized conferences and otherwise worked hard to network intuition-minded people and promote intuition.

Seekers Circle
Karyn Greenstreet's Seeker's Circle™ website is a one-stop educational center for intuition development and personal growth. Karyn has the advantage of being a professional in two worlds: computerized education and intuition development.

Controlled Remote Viewing
The Controlled Remote Viewing web site combines both a public service educational section on the topic of remote viewing and the professional services offered by the sponsoring agency, Problems–Solutions–Innovations. Founded and directed by Lyn Buchanan, one of the pioneers in remote viewing.

Precognitive Stock Market Dreams
Precognitive dreaming is a highly exciting experience. Through this intuitive portal we catch glimpses of future events including stock market activity. Properly understood and applied, such dreams can result in greatly enhanced prosperity and abundance.

The Amazing Azra

By Azra Simonetti

When a person turns within, there are no limits to the sparks of creativity.

Intuition: Its Powers and Perils

By David Myers

Has anyone ever told you that "you are amazing"? Well, you are.

Intuition: Core Competence for the New Millenium

By Arupa Tesolin

Next time you’re out driving take a look around, at the businesses, the shops, the homes, transport, signs, and people, and wonder “How else could this have looked?”

Featured Web Site: PenWing (aka the Pendulum Newsletter)
Here’s a web site nominated by one of our e-readers. We welcome your nomination of an inspirational web site related to intuition development.



Tensegrity is the modernized version of some movements called magical passes developed by Indian shamans who lived in Mexico in times prior to the Spanish Conquest.

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