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Unlocking Your Intuition

Henry Reed  

Henry Reed, Ph.D., Mentor



Unlock Intuition in You and Others: The Edgar Cayce Legacy PC07

If I had to distill the work of Edgar Cayce to a single I idea, it would be that we have within ourselves a source of guidance that can help us in any situation. Edgar Cayce's philosophy is to look within oneself for the answers to life's questions. I have personally used several manners of this inner source of intuitive guidance over the years--dreams, divination, meditation, intuition, self-hypnosis and several others. They have helped me in many ways, in my personal development, my relationships, at work, and even in learning to do watercolors.

I think that one of the most important impacts of Edgar Cayce's work on my life has been to learn how to look inside myself for inspiration and guidance. It has opened my mind to new possibilities, it has brought me face to face with the activity of Spirit and has helped me to develop a companionship with the Creator. And now I love to share what I've learned about working with guidance from practicing the principles in Edgar Cayce's work.

In this home study course specially developed for the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies, I have taken the best of what I offer at the Edgar Cayce Legacy course we offer at Virginia Beach. The course offers three types of opportunities for you to practice working with intuitive guidance. You receive two personal readings from professional intuitives. These are people I have worked with and come to trust. You will also work one-on-one with me as we practice intuition training exercises aimed at providing you with personal guidance on topics you want to explore. Finally, you'll work on your own, at your own pace, on some practical intuition training exercises, involving meditation, imagery, dreams and hypnosis, which will provide you with enjoyable experiences exploring your intuition. All three of these types of training experiences, with professional psychics, with me and on your own, will dovetail to develop your confidence in your intuitive abilities.

This course is so specific, so intensive and focused, that even people who attend the Edgar Cayce Legacy course at Virginia Beach will profit greatly from this home study version. The personal contact with the trainers is a special feature of the home study course and I'm sure you will like it. I myself really enjoy working with individuals over the phone as they discover how they can use various methods of gaining intuitive guidance for themselves. I enjoy the interaction, the discovery process, the excitement.


If you would like to see the study outline used for this home study course,

To learn about enrolling in this course, email Henry Reed at intuition@edgarcayce.org



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