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Seeker's Circle


Created by Karyn Greenstreet

"Welcome to The Seeker's Circle™, a resource for personal growth and empowerment, intuition development, and holistic living." 


Karyn Greenstreet's Seeker's Circle™ website is a one-stop educational center for intuition development and personal growth. Karyn has the advantage of being a professional in two worlds: computerized education and intuition development. As a result, her services are at the forefront of what is possible in online intuition development. We at the Intuitive-Connections Network have learned a lot from Karyn and we are grateful to her for providing us with an article, "Soul Surfing on the Internet," for our inaugural issue.

There are a wide variety of features included in the Seeker's Circle web site. It has a wide variety of articles as well as interviews with intuition specialists. Her site includes many exercises for intuition development and Karyn offers online courses for intuition training, many of which are on a real-time basis, using chat rooms and the latest techniques, of which Karyn is an expert. A special feature of The Seeker's Circle is the opportunity to interact with Karyn and like-minded seekers every month in a live, open-ended chat session. Karyn also offers a special newsletter and if you subscribe to it you'll receive a free book to download!