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Dear Intuitive-Connections Network:

About eight months ago, a few months after her husband died, a friend of mine started accusing me of invading her space psychically - focusing on her day and night, preventing her from having any peaceful space for herself. Right after her mother died 10 years ago she had a similar experience in which she thought the people upstairs were focusing on her day and night and preventing her from sleeping. This stopped when she became interested in a man she later married.

I at first almost thought she was having a psychotic break, I couldn't understand what was happening, because she would call me when I was peacefully reading a novel and ask me to stop focusing on her, and then feel relief from the psychic pressure she was experiencing when I went back to reading my novel.

One psychic I discussed this with said I might be chording her psychically without being consciously aware of it. Another psychic said, yes that I do have psychic chord connections with my friends, but that I just do it with a friendly intent, not for any negative reasons - just as a way to stay in touch. she said that my friend was trying to be on another plane of reality a lot of the time to be in touch with her husband, and so she resented my contacting her from this earth plane. a third psychic said that actually I wasn't doing anything - that my friend was pulling in my energy to draw from my strength and my caring about her, and then getting mad at me because my energy was around her.

What seems to me to be true is that if I think about her with an energy charge for a day or so ( at one point she was getting ready to give a car to a friend of mine who was really needing it, and then was delaying for reasons I thought weren't valid, and I was thinking about her a lot and wishing she would understand that she could give him the car right away. She experienced this as me overwhelming her and pushing at her with my energy day and night, and interfering with her ability to think or process what she needed to do. For her this experience continued for months, day and night. For me, I stopped thinking about it a few days later when she gave my friend the car).

She wrote me a letter explaining that people in my family put out a very strong energy (which I think is quite true) and that people in HER family tend to be easily invaded by other people's energy. Anyway, one of my oldest and dearest friends is suffering and possibly becoming physically ill and having the experience that I am pressuring her and invading her space energetically while I am just bopping along thinking my own thoughts and living my life. Anybody have any impressions or suggestions they can share with me?

Hopefully, Judith

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