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Psychic Training Journal

By Rhonda J. Miller

The most unnerving part of the psychic training workshop was when I "saw" my partner's house. I was in Virginia Beach and her house was in Baltimore. Since I'd just met my partner and had never been to her house, it was a bit unsettling.

The feeling of being slightly shaken surprised me because I thought I believed in this psychic "stuff." I'd had a couple of readings, I love using intuition and hunches, and I've been interested in the Cayce work for 20 years. But now I was seeing a one-story red brick house with white trim, big green leafy trees, a birdbath in the front yard, a living-room window with a gray sofa in front of it, blue curtains with rust-colored flowers, rust colored chair, a coffee table with an eye-catching ceramic vase on it, a man in the kitchen, a quiet atmosphere (no children)-and all these things, my partner Kate informed me, indeed described her house.

I didn't trust this ability at first, as the house reminded me of one down the street from where I live-but my street has pines, not leafy trees. The verification was strong. It fit my description, the colors and objects were right, and there was often a boy friend hovering, last seen in the kitchen before my partner's trip to Virginia Beach.

I was wrong on a few counts. I saw a dog, and there wasn't one. The curtains were in the bedroom, not the living room. The "birdbath" was a large bowl on the front step.

My partner, "viewing" my house, identified only by address according to the rules of the exercise also got several "hits." She saw lots of pine trees and heard birds. Our neighborhood, completely shaded by tall pines, adjoins Seashore State Park, a virtual pine forest and bird sanctuary. Music was coming from _ the house, she said. Our piano is right near the front door, with children often playing loud versions of "Heart and Soul."

A large object alone on the fire place attracted her attention-my huge Navajo vase. She saw a large double window in the living room-our sliding glass door; and a stairway at the back -that's where one set of stairs is.

These and many psychic connections happened during the week-long Practical Psychic Training Workshop at Virginia Beach in February. Guided by Carol Ann Liaros and Henry Reed, many people had intense experiences in sensing, hearing, seeing, feeling, or knowing details about their partners in a fascinating variety of psychic development exercises.

Our mission, as Carol Ann outlined it, was to make more meaningful and useful decisions by combining intellect and intuition. The training was to give us a safe, grounded roadmap for psychic development. The specific experiences were to teach us to process and interpret psychic vibrations, rather than being overcome or confused by them.

The vigorous practicality of Carol Ann, a longtime professional psychic with an impressive list of corporate clients who contract with her for projects like executive team building, dominated the workshop. She kept us focused, admonishing us never to drift unthinkingly into the ethers.

Henry Reed, with his years of creative research on psychic ability and group work, led us in many experiences of group bonding and expanded awareness. He had us form small groups and dream for the one who had the most need. It was a sometimes tearful, sometimes joyous, sharing and bonding experience.

Mass chaos took over as we each closed our eyes, arms forming a box (like a bumper) in front of us and ventured, humming loudly, into the milling group to find a "tone partner" whom we would later "read." It was another of Henry's funny and enlightening exercises.

In small groups, he led us as we tuned in to each other by our voices. In sharing our psychic impressions on each group member, we put together a sketch that tapped amazingly into each one's concerns. It was like pieces of a puzzle all fitting together, several groups noted. Used for healing and service, it was the discovery of a potentially powerful group energy.

Carol Ann guided us through a variety of fascinating experiences. In a psychometry exercise, using a person's watch, ring, shoe, or other object to make contact, my partner rubbed her lower left rib in the back and said it seemed to be troubling. That area of my body had had a significant problem that took a year of chiropractic and exercise to work out, and it still has some degree of weakness.

The center of my back started tingling in one exercise. My partner told me that was a spot that had been bothering her and she had just had an hour massage which focused on that area.

We were taught a technique for reading auras, with some folks gasping at colors they suddenly saw, while others saw nothing.

Some people in the workshop had no experiences, no messages, no visions at all. Some were frustrated by that, others obviously relieved by it.

Most, like me, used the guidance to find our strongest channel for psychic ability. At the beginning of the week, I couldn't "see" anything, but I could sense and feel things about others. After a couple of days, I saw much more.

Houses seemed to be my strong point. Another memorable psychic experience: while "reading" Louise, I saw a small, peaceful house. She was walking toward it, hesitating, moving back and forth.

Feedback was assuring. Divorced with grown children, she lives peacefully and happily alone. She is hesitating, however, about two important parts of her life-changing the focus of her nursing career from work with the elderly to working with sick children, and questioning whether to move into a serious relationship with a man when she is not quite sure they are well suited to each other or if the time is right.

When Louise "read" me she was startlingly accurate. She said I was concerned about a health problem, either about myself or one of my children. When she said "the middle child," we knew a psychic connection had truly been made.

Using Cayce's advice about knowing why we seek healing and using psychic ability for service, I had focused on one main question for the psychic training week-my middle daughter's stubborn eye problem. It has been treated with a variety of medical, visual, and spiritual methods since infancy, with no decisive healing. Because we had so many conflicting medical opinions; and our work with dreams, prayers, and consistent physical exercise, seemed to get nowhere, I felt that the time for psychic guidance was imminent.

Louise felt that healing was in progress. But it was her sensing of my strong energy directed toward this problem that gave her a new experience of an intense psychic connection with another person.

The connection was so strong that we have since become partners in a follow-up psychic experiment coordinated by Henry. Using a tape recording made by our partner, we set aside an hour each week to tune in to our partner's life. The goal is to see if we can help each other find daily guidance for the questions that arise in our lives.

In short, that was the point of the entire psychic development workshop-to develop and use this ability in a practical and continuing manner.

Carol Ann urged each of us to write a legacy list including specific ways we will use this ability.

I think Edgar Cayce would have been pleased with the legacy lists and the way that we are each, in our own little sphere, doing our best to continue his work. In relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and strangers, psychic ability is for service, not ego.

By taking on this responsibility of 1) teaching psychic development directly, the A.R.E. has responded to years of urging from members. The first psychic training workshops have been so successful that the A.R.E. has scheduled another one in August.

This training gives members some idea of where to start if they are seeking psychic guidance. The most important place to start, as Cayce always said. is with yourself.

One workshop member did just that. Planning to relocate to Virginia from Tennessee, he wanted to make some preliminary calls to employment agencies but wasn't quite sure where to start. Eager to apply the psychic training, he moved his hand gently across the yellow pages until he got an impression from one of the listings. He called, and not only got an appointment but a stack of about 30 possible employers from the agency.

His announcement to the group, the applause, and the sighs of I knew it worked," earned him the title of the workshop's first success story.

  • Using Intuition

    Practical application is important in the development of intuition and psychic ability. Here are a few suggestions from workshop leaders Carol Ann Liaros and Henry Reed.

    · Discover your highest personal goals and develop a plan to accomplish them.
    · Anticipate future events and solve general problems.
    · Respond with appropriate intuitive/creative suggestions during meetings.
    · Learn to understand others on a deeper level of their being.
    · Safeguard investments.
    · Attune to a colleague's aura before beginning work.
    · Connect auras with others with whom you need to work closely.
    · Use intuitive scanning to find a publisher/location/company, etc.
    · Screen job applications for aptitude and sincerity.

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