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Developing Intuition Through Self-Hypnosis

Henry Bolduc

Henry Bolduc, Mentor


This home study course contains the very best materials from my 40 years of hypnosis and past-life exploration work. It is very powerful material that will help you to make an important connection with your source of intuition.

The course contains material and exercises to safely and wisely channel your creativity and wisdom. The course will show you how to maximize your life at every level--mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually--which is what we call "holistic." The course helps and heals the whole of yourself. I have used self-hypnosis myself, as well as guided meditation tapes, for my health and general self-betterment. This process really does work.

This exercises in this course will work for you, too, because you will design and make your own guided meditations. Although I am retiring from 40 years of offering seminars and training workshops, I am looking forward to sharing on a personal and individual basis with each and every one of you who take my home study course. One of the benefits I can now offer to you is that all my books are now online and are free for you to download. I encourage you to explore these books and my web sites generally. I hope you'll sign up for this special course through the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies and I look forward to working with you.

This course is no longer offered by Henry Bolduc. For alternatives, email henry.reed@atlanticuniv.edu


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