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Healing From Within
A Dream Quest Experience

Jinna van Vliet

As far as I remember I have always been fascinated with dreams and their various interpretations. I felt that the strange dream scenarios carried a message for me and that this unique sleep stage was a very important part in my life’s journey. I struggled with the intricate dream symbols and became more confused and frustrated until I experienced Henry Reed’s Dream Quest.

I had reached an impasse in my life and needed the guidance from my dreams to help me deal with long buried issues. I had gone through a painful spiritual growth process, which led me through a path of physical pain, and emotional trauma. I thought that I was finally on my way and that I had faced and released all of my anger, fear and frustrations. I assumed that I was right on track and could look forward to a peaceful retirement. All was not what it seemed however and when my nightmares began to resurface I realized that my healing was far from over. The answer to my prayers for guidance appeared on my computer screen soon after in the form of Henry Reed’s Dream Quest.

The following sequence of events unfolded as I followed the dream guidebook.

Week One: Focusing on the Quest
Wishing to discover and confront the deeper issues hampering my spiritual progress, I began by asking my dreams to show me what area I needed to look at for that first week. Following the guidebook I collected my dreams for seven days and tried to think of several problems I might be working on. I began by writing story titles for each dream to discover some perspectives on my life situation. Using key words I used the suggested inspirational writing technique to draw forth a specific concern that I needed to work on. What emerged was a shock, a rude awakening from my self-imposed slumber. Here are some very revealing dreams:
I am wandering around looking for a bathroom but they are all occupied. When I finally found one there was no door and thus no privacy at all.

I am with a group of people and accused one man of raping me. The other people immediately put him on trial but he denied the charges.

I see myself in a huge mirror but did not recognize my image. I asked the people around me, “Who is that beautiful lady?”

My difficulties in communicating my feelings and emotions were expressed in my search for a ’bathroom’ a place for elimination. I value my privacy in all areas and although sometimes given the opportunity to show my feelings I frequently choose to keep quiet. The effect of this choice was apparent in the next dream where I realized that my relationship with my husband was deteriorating. I felt unloved, used and very lonely and had not realized that I held the key to all my problems. Accusing a man of ‘rape’, to me an act without love, was showing me the need to feel loved. The next dream suggested my lack of self-worth, not realizing, not recognizing the beauty, the Divine within reflected in the mirror.

The dialogue between the Asking Me and the Me Who Knows the Answers established the base for my “Best Guess” solution which led to my first contract and petition to my dreams. For the next seven days I set up a specific schedule for me to follow and asked my dreams to show me a better way if I am not meeting my goals.

Week two: Ironing Out the Wrinkles
I put a lot of effort into my contract this week and went through some painful, emotional releases. It was a good learning opportunity and my relationship with all members of my family reached a more peaceful state. I began to review the abundance of dreams I have collected and found more surprises. Using my own definitions of the dream symbols I developed a smoother translation and was able to come up with a personal interpretation that related to the focus of my dream quest. One of my dreams showed me a number of beds, a clear symbol of the need for more rest. In another one I saw myself driving a car and changing lanes suddenly without looking. I interpreted this one as having control over my own life and the ability to initiate a change of direction. The next significant one was a scene myself teaching and experiencing the feeling of frustration as a faced an unresponsive audience. Here was a clear symbol telling me that I needed to improve my communications skills even further. 

Based on the dream symbols I concluded that a revision of my goals of action for the next week was in order. For my daily contract I resolved to have more rest, to work on my communication skills and to embrace the changes coming into my life.

Week Three: Reaching Out
The third week was filled vivid dream scenarios and new dream symbols. Exciting scenes of confrontations with a religious Guru, myself creating a beautiful vest in one day, and a huge hand reaching down from the sky towards me, filled this week’s collection. Working with the dream titles and developing a dialogue with one of the symbols revealed a possible new direction, a different approach to my problems.
The confrontation with the Guru exposed my fears of intimidation; being pushed into something I do not wish, do not believe in. The dream presented the choices I have, in dealing with this problem by showing me how I ‘smiled at the Guru and gently refused to join his group without getting angry’.
My creative side was one that I have neglected over the years. Again the dream symbols reminded me the importance of rest, relaxation and of nurturing, and exploring my creative abilities. 
The Hand in the sky had quite an impact on me as I opened a dialogue with it. A change in attitude was needed on my part. Why was the hand there and whose hand was it? The questions I raised elicited surprising answers. A hand is a helping hand of course, one that I am always ready to extend to anyone. From the conversation I concluded that ‘My Higher Self’, the Hand from above is always there to give me a hand, and at the same time I need to reach out through my fears with confidence and love. I have the choice of putting my hand in the Huge Hand, a symbol of Divine power and might, with faith and trust. The hand is also a symbol of other people offering their help, and I need to overcome my reluctance of accepting this gesture of assistance.

My Dream letter had to be modified and my focus for the following week was to extend myself, to reach out and use the creative tools within to grow.

Week Four: Coming Full Circle
Every day I tried to keep my awareness focused on my contract schedule. I began to experience more message-like visions during my meditation and felt more energetic and peaceful as the week progressed.

As I collected my last seven dreams I felt a sense of anticipation. I had experienced more vivid dreams during the week and knew that there were a number of exciting revelations within my dreams. The first one definitely set the tone for here I see myself opening, taking down a number of dark curtains, allowing light to come streaming in through huge glass windows. A symbol that I am releasing my fears, opening up, and beginning to allow the Divine Light to enter, moving me towards growth in consciousness.

The last dream of the week was about my own wedding. I am walking down the street in a beautiful gown meeting my groom, not my present husband, but someone I know and love. It was a wonderful final ending to my four-week dream quest. I realized that I am an active partner in a spiritual marriage with my Higher Self and that this partner will always love me and never fail me. 

The action plots of my dreams gave me an indication of what I have learned on my dream quest and it gave me the inner healing I was in need of. The result of my dream quest was very beneficial both physically and spiritually for me. I intend to continue to seek guidance from my dreams and plan to keep my dream journal up to date. The Haiku poem I wrote was fun to do and proof for me that my creative energies were alive and well. 

Dark blindness lifting
Divine Light blazing within
Healing has begun

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