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Receiving Intuitive Guidance in Dreams

Henry Reed  

Henry Reed, Ph.D., Mentor


Getting Intuitive Guidance from Dreams: Institute Course #E01

I have personally used several sources of intuitive guidance over the years. Of all these sources, however, it was with dreams that I began. It was how I learned about Edgar Cayce. I couldn't remember my dreams, and someone told me about how Edgar Cayce said anyone could learn to remember my dreams and use them to better one's life. That idea inspired me. I made a dream journal and began to remember my dreams. Edgar Cayce was right. They have helped me in many ways, in my relationships, my work, and even in learning to do
watercolors. Dreams have been a significant source of guidance for me, personally and professionally, as you can read here.

This home study Dream Quest experience is the product of many years of development. It began as an attempt to validate a very simple, but profound suggestion in the Edgar Cayce material on dreams. It is this: If you are willing to work on making a constructive improvement in some area of your life (including inventing new ways of doing things at home or at work), and would like to use your dreams as a resource for intuitive guidance, then make some small step on your own and wait for a dream. Interpret the dream as best you can with regard to your "quest," and put that insight into practice. Your dreams will respond to your attempt to apply them by providing even more specific information. Gradually, you'll be led to the solution you are seeking.

This program of getting intuitive guidance from your dreams is laid out for you, step by step, in my workbook, Dream Solutions/Dream Realizations: The Original Guidebook for Obtaining Intuitive Guidance from Dreams. We have tested this workbook throughout six editions; hundreds of people have made successful dream quests and have learned in the process the secrets of dream interpretation. Dream Solutions, Dream Realizations

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To further aid you in your learning dream interpretation skills, this program includes my Dream Interpretation Workout video. It is a unique, interactive video which guides you step by step in your dream interpretation work. You'll learn how to interpret a dream in seven different ways.
The text for your Dream Quest experience is my book, Getting Help from Your Dreams. It explains how to recall your dreams, it provides information on creative problem solving in dreams, creating from dreams, and my work helping people have visionary dreams. You can read a chapter from this book here. Getting Help from Your Dreams

If you have questions to ask me, Henry Reed, the mentor and guide for this course, email me at: starbuck@ls.net
or call 1-800-398-1370


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