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Controlled Remote Viewing: A little known bit of history

Editor's Comments by Henry Reed:

Remote Viewing is perhaps the most significant development in psychical research in many, many years. It has broken the deadlock over whether or not ESP is real by using it for profound practical purposes. We are indebted to Lyn Buchanan, an expert in the area of remote viewing, for taking the time to provide us with a good grounding in this most influential of the new look in ESP work.

It also raises a number of questions that are worth exploring. This editorial commentary is meant to stimulate thought and perhaps persuade a number of you to submit your own commentary on this topic. Thus our online learning community develops and grows in usefulness.

Ethics of Remote Viewing: Since remote viewing got its initial burst of public fame in the context of its use for spying, it is natural to wonder about its potential for unethical use. The use of the term "remote viewing" becomes rather inclusive, to mean anytime someone wants to gain information about something unavailable to the senses (doing a "remote view" on the surface of the planet Saturn, doing a "remote view" on a person's cancer, doing a "remote view" on what's happening with John Doe, doing a "remote view" on the nature of angels, etc.) it may include empathy for another's situation as well as spying or seeing around corners. Clearly, it is possible to use remote viewing to "spy," which means obtaining information about another person without their permission. Are their any limits to remote viewing in this way? Would having "loving intent" as opposed to "manipulative intent" have any effect on what can be learned through remote viewing?

Is Remote Viewing Intuition or Clairvoyance?: One of the interesting remarks in Buchanan's article is that he says that remote viewing has nothing to do with "parapsychological" at all, but is more akin to a martial art. I'd like to see clarification of that comment. I'm wondering what he means by "parapsychological" and how do you tell if a particular process has any element of  "psychic" in it. Is remote viewing to be defined by the skill (or "faculty") used or by the specific methodology used to evoke that skill?

We look forward to comments on these issues as well as the introduction of other issues and questions regarding remote viewing.

Please add your own commentary on this article by email to:

Lyn Buchanan responds:

I didn't mean that "remote viewing" has nothing to do with
parapsychology.  I meant to say that "Controlled Remote Viewing"(CRV), at
its most basic principles has nothing to do with parapsychology.  The basic
concept behind CRV is that
1) everyone has some ability to access psychic information,
2) that it is done at the subconscious level (or somewhere even deeper, but
if so, then the information is available to the subconscious mind,and
3) the real problem everyone has at "being psychic" is that their
subconscious mind can't talk to their conscious mind, so there is simply no
way to be conscious of that psychic information.
4) that the subconscious can talk to the body
5) that the conscious can talk to and receive sensory impressions from the body
6) that therefore, the body can be used as a "translator" between the two
7) that this method can be taught, just like any other physical discipline.
8) that because of all the above, the way to get the information is for the
conscious mind to "interview" the subconscious mind, using the body as a
9) that the conscious mind must then report what it finds, or else no one
can benefit from the process.

The CRV process, then, is seen as half "interview and report" process, amd
half "martial art" - all of which sort of "sits on top of" the psychic
process (whatever that may be), and in reality, doesn't partake in the
psychic process.  When you learn most forms of parapsychology, you try to
learn to "be psychic", to "see the unseeable", etc. etc. etc.  When you
learn CRV, you learn a process of interviewing the subconscious mind and
reporting the information in a standardized method which uses your physical
senses to convey and translate.  CRV is totally unconcerned with how the
subconscious mind knows the information.  It doesn't even come into
consideration.  CRV goes from the understanding that somehow the
information is there, and then it uses standard psychological and normal
interviewing techniques to get the information out and onto a sheet of
paper, so a report can be written.

CRV is, in a very real way, totally different from everything you've ever
expected about the whole parapsychology field.  It is because of this that
many people, having taken the CRV course, see that the they an infinitely
greater amount of information with high accuracy and detail, but because
there is no mystery to it, they are disappointed.  Many other people,
seeing the results, are thrilled with what they can now do.  But either
way, a trained CRVer will be the first to tell you that the last thing
he/she feels is "psychic".

Lyn Buchanan, Problems Solutions Innovations
37 Camino Ranchitos, Alamogordo, NM 88310
Ph: 505-437-8285   Email:
It's your mind.  Use it or lose it.



The International Remote Viewing Association has a web site with related information

Also see the book, Remote Perceptions: Out of Body Experiences, Remote Viewing, and other normal abilities, by Angela Smith and Ingo Swann

To find links to Ingo Swann, click here


Dear Intuitive-Connections Network:

A recent news report has been even more disturbing to me than the
ethical considerations about learning remote viewing.  Now we have a light that can
see right through all of us whenever anyone wants to use it.  We don't even
have to be trained to remote view anymore to invade someone!!!  I'm trying to
find the blessing in this latest invention.  As I have a family member who is
in the business of law enforcement and working on the eradication of drugs
and weapons, I am happy to know that he will be safer in his workplace.  But
in the wrong hands--wow. 

    I am going to try to view this as a blessing--I'm determined.  If
everyone lives as though they were in a glass "house,"  would they live a
better life?  Would we think "kinder" thoughts?  Would we act differently? 
Could that be the beginning of people changing for the better?

    What do you think?




Please add your own commentary on this article by email to:

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