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Issue 2

The Edge of Tomorrow

Beverly Jaegers

PSI, long considered paranormal, occult or as some special 'gift' given only to special people, is beginning to take its place in the new Millennium as a valid and reasonable field of science and of worthwhile study.

Learning Medical Intuition Online

Karyn Greenstreet

Medical intuition is a growing field. Learn about this skill and how online study can be a source of training.

Healing From Within: A Dream Quest Experience

Joan Gravallese

The time was ripe, once again, to seek guidance from the invisible self—the self that is revealed when the conscious mind is laid aside in sleep.

Soul Self Portraits, Part 2

Henry Reed

As an experiment in spiritual intuition, people allowed the soul to use its imagination to see itself in a mirror.

Intuition: The Link Between Psi and Spirituality

Jeffrey Mishlove (Digested by Deborah Leighton)

Intuition can provide the bridge between a variety of ESP experiences and spirituality.

Some Books on Intuition and Spirituality

Henry Reed

An examination of a selection of books that demonstrate connections between intuition and spirituality.

The Path of Intuition

Jan Nation

We, the human race, need to be more intuitive. Intuition has a central and potentially determining role to play in the complex and varied tasks of human and world renewal.

Razor the Bear and The Magic Place

Loren Spangler

Here is a short story that was created through "inspirational writing," an intuitive form of writing.

An Intuitive Twist in Children's Fiction

VerDella Denwiddie

An essay on the children's book, Kelly Karate Encounters the Moon Princess by Susan Barnes.

Writing with Intuition

Susan Barnes

There are no rules when writing with intuition. Thus, some may be provided without contradicting the first statement.

The Amazing Azra

Azra Simonetti

When a person turns within, there are no limits to the sparks of creativity. 

Issue 1

Soul Surfing: Intuition Development Online

Karyn Greenstreet

"I can FEEL you!" Mary shouted, as the group of students practiced a psychic reading on her. "I can feel everyone's energy as you read me!" 

Controlled Remote Viewing: A little known bit of history

Lyn Buchanan

Controlled Remote Viewing is a discipline devised by Ingo Swann, PhD, while working on a government contract with Stanford Research Institute to look into the science behind intuitional performance in general, and "psychic spying" in particular.

Soul Self Portraits

Henry Reed

As an experiment in spiritual intuition, people allowed the soul to use its imagination to see itself in a mirror.

Healing From Within: A Dream Quest Experience

Jinna van Vliet

I had reached an impasse in my life and needed the guidance from my dreams to help me deal with long buried issues.

Discoveries of the Intuitive Heart

Henry Reed

Edgar Cacye inspired a new approach to psychic research that led to an innovative handle on the natural intuition of the heart.

Psychic Training Journal

Rhonda J. Miller

The most unnerving part of the psychic training workshop was when I "saw" my partner's house. I was in Virginia Beach and her house was in Baltimore. Since I'd just met my partner and had never been to her house, it was a bit unsettling.

Intuition and Psychic: Is there a difference?

Kevin J. Todeschi

Is there any more difference between intuition and psychic (or ESP) than the way they are spelled? In this first installment on a developing dialogue, Kevin Todeschi, Edgar Cayce scholar, surveys  how this one well-known psychic used the words.

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