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Intuition Network

     Directed by Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D.

"The purpose of the Intuition Network is to help create a world in which all people feel encouraged to cultivate and use their inner, intuitive resources."


The Intuition Network is the premiere intuition organization. Founded by Westin Agor, of the University of Texas, and then adopted by Jeffrey Mishlove, the Intuition Network has organized conferences and otherwise worked hard to network intuition-minded people and promote intuition.

Jeffrey Mishlove is well-known and respected for his original work in the field of parapsychology. His article, one of many on the institute's web site, "Intuition: A link between Psi and Spirituality," should be required reading for all who are interested in intuition for more than simply getting hunches.


The Intuition Network's website (www.intuition.org) has a number of special features, including hints on how to get yourself networked to other people interested in intuition, how to set up or join an intuition email group (it has one itself, by invitation only), links to intuition related web sites and a reading list on intuition.

The feature of the web site that is perhaps the most valuable, a veritable gold mine of consciousness on intuition, is the collection of transcripts of interviews Jeffrey Mishlove conducted on his television series, "Thinking Allowed." There are almost 200 different interviews with the top names in the field. Together these transcripts would comprise an invaluable text on intuition, rich with the personal experiences of these pioneers. That this material is offered free of charge on the website is a good example of the high idealism and generosity that Jeffrey Mishlove has brought to the Intuition Network.

For a complete listing of transcripts click here.

Listed below are a sample set of links to the individual interviews.

Intuition and Imagination with Richard Bach
Using Intuition with Marcia Emery

Living Intuitively with Shakti Gawain
Intuition and Evolution with Patricia Sun

The Adventure of Discovery with Stanislav Grof
Boundaries of the Soul with June Singer
Spirituality & Psychology with Frances Vaughan

Psychic & Spiritual Healing with Stanley Krippner
Metaphors of Transformation with Ralph Metzner
The Inner Mechanism of Healing with Brendan O'Regan
The Seat of the Soul with Gary Zukav
The Holographic Brain with Karl Pribram
Science and Mysticism with Beverly Rubik
A New Science of Life with Rupert Sheldrake
The Universal Organism with Rupert Sheldrake
Consciousness and Hyperspace with Saul-Paul Sirag
The Way of the Shaman with Michael Harner
The Rapture of Being with Pir Vilayat Khan
From Here to Alternity with John Lilly
UFO Abductions with James Harder
Consciousness Beyond Death with Willis Harman
What is Channeling? with Arthur Hastings
The Intuitive Connection with Bill Kautz
Channeling and the Self with Jon Klimo
Abductions and the Western Paradigm with John Mack
Biological Psychokinesis with Marilyn Schlitz
ESP, Clairvoyance & Remote Viewing with Russell Targ
Science and Spiritual Traditions with Charles T. Tart