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Divination: Synchronicity and Intuition

Henry Reed  

Henry Reed, Ph.D., Mentor


(Divination, Intuition, and Synchronicity (Institute Course number E04)

Edgar Cayce inspired me to think about "oneness," or the interconnectedness of all things, before considering anything else. Intuition is a great way to explore the idea of oneness. Using my intuition to follow Cayce's, I imagined the world as a giant symphony orchestra. Everything in creation has a part to play. As long as I know my notes, I can play along with my part. But sometimes I forget my lines. Then what? Edgar Cayce suggested to make the attunement to the oneness and then the answer would come. That suggestion is the essence of divination.

When everything is going well, you don't think about seeking guidance. But when you lose your way, get stuck or blocked, or find yourself in the dark, or if you wish to peer more deeply into the spiritual significance of the moment, then the prospect of seeking divination suddenly becomes more attractive.

Divination is the art of "seeing into divine mind." This ancient art goes back to an intuitive insight about the inherent harmony or "synchronicity" to the world, as if all of creation were vibrating within a common symphony. What is in divine harmony at this moment? The answer to this question will suggest the path of least resistance and greatest creativity. 

Divination is a great tool for eliciting intuition. Whether you use Tarot cards, the I Ching, Rune stones, or even a crumpled piece of paper or the foam on a beer mug, wherever you look, if you look with your intuition, you can see the reflection of divine mind.

In this home study course specially developed for the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies, I have taken the best of my teachings on divination, complete with training exercises and practical applications, and created a course of exploration that is both fun and inspirational

 The special 2 volume video workshop, each two hours in length, demonstrates special learning exercises. Learn how to enter into divine mind. See what your image of divine mind may suggest about your own intuitive understanding of divination. See what all divination games have in common.



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 This divination video workshop demonsrates special exercises designed to help you look behind the curtains of traditional divination tools. Rather than teach you how to read Tarot cards, or Rune stones, the video teaches you how to use your own intuition to interpret any divination system. You'll be inspired to see how students are able to invent their own divination tools as an exercise in their ability to express divine mind in a practical manner.

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I enjoy the mentoring process. I've had a lot of experience mentoring over the telephone. We establish a good relationship and use it to stimulate your own learning. In this divination class, we'll have a chance to exchange readings. That's fun in itself and it also provides us with a special opportunity to discuss how your learning of divination skills is progressing. I will be able to help you get off to a good start in learning the divining art.

If you would like to see a portion of the syllabus used for this home study course,
If you would like to ask questions of me, Henry Reed, Director of the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies, and mentor for this course, you may email me starbuck@ls.net
call me toll free at 1-800-398-1370.




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