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Soul Surfing: Intuition on the Internet

Karyn Greenstreet

"I can FEEL you!" Mary shouted, as the group of students practiced a psychic reading on her. "I can feel everyone's energy as you read me!"

She seemed surprised at the intensity of the energy she was feeling from the group that formed the psychic development class. We smiled knowingly; new students are always surprised the first time they feel it. After three years of meeting together, we'd come to expect this result.

But we were no ordinary psychic circle. Mary was in Florida, a thousand miles away from where I sat in Pennsylvania, and the rest of the group was scattered throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. We were meeting weekly in an online psychic development class, and these past years showed us wonders that we would have been skeptical about in the past.

I came to the Internet in 1993, looking to share ideas about intuition and holistic healing topics with like-minded folks. I had been psychic since childhood and it was often difficult to find others who shared my experiences and wanted to talk about psychic topics. I was looking for a "supportive few." Little did I know that floodgates would open and I'd find hundreds of others like me in the online world.

It all began when I signed up for CompuServe in 1993 and started meeting people all over the world through the message boards and chat rooms. Chatting online with others was a great new experience. One day, chatting with a woman named Jean from California, I got a vivid image of an older woman in my mind. I tried to push it away, but the vision was insistent. "Can I ask you a personal question?" I asked her. "Sure, go ahead," she typed in reply. Taking a moment to really look at the image in my mind, I began, "I'm seeing a woman, about 60 years old, brown hair with graying near the bangs and ears, maybe 5'6", medium build, using a cane."

Feeling embarrassed, I continued to type, "Does that make any sense?"

"That's me!" Jean replied. "Hey, that's great! What else are you getting?"

I went on to describe her clothing, her house, and her husband, who unfortunately was emotionally abusive to her. The "reading" lasted about 30 minutes, and in that time, I was 75% correct in the information I received about Jean's physical appearance and her life. That was the first unofficial online psychic reading I ever did, completely by accident.

The first time I purposefully tried to do a reading online, I was concerned. I wondered whether I would have any problems since I had no physical connection to the querent, as I would in person or on the phone. What if the reading I did for Jean was just a fluke? Then I remembered: it was a person's energy field the thing I "read" in a psychic reading. A person's energy creates their physical form, not the other way around. What I was doing was simply bypassing the form and going right to the energy that created it, and directly to the information stored inside that energy field.

The clairvoyant images came like lightening bolts. The intuitive knowing of people and their situation was nearly instant. I began doing mini-readings online to test this theory, checking to see if it was repeatable. I could accurately tell people what they looked like, how they carried their body, what their current emotional state was, and what life issues they were dealing with at that moment. I decided to take it a step further. If I could get basic current information about them online, could I also get deeper insight about them and those other people involved in their life? The answer was a clear, unequivocal YES! I wasn't just limited to the querent's physical appearance; I could see their full life in all its dimensions. All this from a computer! I was amazed, feeling like a scientist who uncovers a wonder drug without even looking for one.

What began as a simple experiment became a way of life. Every day I'd logon to chat casually with people and to do online readings. Each day reaffirmed my conclusions about the ease and clarity of working online.

The next question in my search came readily enough, "Could psychic skills be taught online?" I had been teaching face-to-face psychic development classes for quite a while -- could I somehow modify these lessons and exercises to use in an online chat? I wasn't sure, but I wanted a chance to find out. Contacting the online forum manager, I asked about teaching an online psychic development workshop. Within a few short weeks, the Psychic Development Study Group was born. Over the course of several months, we delved into the entire world of psychic phenomenon, from clairvoyance to mediumship. The Study Group eventually met for 84 consecutive weeks before we took a break.

In conjunction with the message-based study group, we decided to meet in a chat room each week each Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. to practice doing readings on each other. This live class was another beautiful revelation. People from all walks of life came to the online class. Some had psychic abilities they wanted to increase in a methodic manner. Others came because they believed that they could connect to their intuitive selves if lead through it gently, like an unfolding flower blossom. Still others came out of curiosity, to see if, indeed, you could learn psychic skills. They came from across the United States, from Alaska to Florida. Some even came from Europe, setting their alarms for 2:00 a.m. to attend faithfully.

Within a few weeks, students were doing in-depth psychic readings with each other, sitting at their own PC in their own home. We'd ask for volunteer querents, which the students would "scan" in order to pick up energy and information, using their intuition. Since the class situation was a learning place, students were not judged whether they were right or wrong in their readings, only that they continued to try. I watched with pride and humility as they each began to unfold to greater skills and accuracy.

My "little experiment" in teaching intuition development online had created an amazing outcome. What I had suspected when first receiving this online energy was true...we can all learn psychic skills and we can learn them easily online.

That was several years ago. I no longer do readings, but focus instead on teaching psychic development online at my own web site, The Seeker's Circle. Every class brings unfolding of natural talents and skills in the students. And every new student still says, "I can FEEL you reading me!" Some things never change.

Copyright © 2001, by Karyn Greenstreet. All rights reserved.


Karyn Greenstreet is an intuition development instructor and life coach, living with her husband and five cats. Her web site, The Seeker's Circle (, offers free online intuition chats, as well as articles and interviews about psychic development.

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