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Becoming a Teacher of Intuitive Heart

Henry Reed  

Henry Reed, Ph.D., Mentor


"Exercise Your Intuitive Heart, Part 1 (TC02)"

Learning to Facilitate Intuitive Heart Discoveries

Sometimes the best way to learn something is to teach it. Sometimes the best way to gain something for yourself is to give it to others. These principles are the foundations of my program helping you to become a teacher of  Intuitive Heart™.

In my work with dreams, for example, I found that people may claim that they can't remember their dreams, but if I ask them to dream for someone else, they find that they do remember a dream. They may say that they can not draw upon intuition, but if I ask them to get an intuition to help someone else, they can do so. When we give to others, we place ourselves out of the way. It's a great way to discover all the treasures we have inside of us. That's the basis of the Intuitive Heart™ Discovery Process: Discover all your heart knows by sharing it with others.
After several years of offering workshops and classes on intuition development, people were asking how they could practice these methods more at home. So I developed a small group format for practicing these skills.

The six week course is designed, with workbooks, cassettes and a video, so that any small group of people can open up the package, read aloud the instructions, and proceed to enjoy together the discoveries of their intuitive hearts! 
To increase the group's satisfaction, I offered to participate indirectly with the group by having a telephone contact with the host or hostess once a week. We'd discuss the previous class and the upcoming one. We'd go over the group members' questions, if any, and talk about some of the interesting things that happened. The host or hostess discovered that their own intution training was being tremendously enhanced by these phone conversations. They were learning about intuition from the inside (with their own experience) as well as from the outside (by observing the other people).  It was out of this "mentoring" process that the idea of  "training teachers" began. Although many people look at this small group Intuitive Heart™ course as an excellent way for them to have a training workshop at home, some people have a desire to become a professional intuition trainer.

The Intuitive Heart™ Discovery Group has become an excellent methodology for training trainers. Some have gone on to conduct Intuitive Heart™ groups of their own and many have also simply incorporated some of the training exercises and added to it with exercises of their own. You can review many aspects of the Intuitive Heart™ training at its web site, currently at www.creativespirit.net/intuitiveheart, where you can read about each of the exercises, see a list of currently certified teachers, and read more about the history and philosophy of the Intuitive Heart™ training and its relationship to the Edgar Cayce material. You can also contact me, either by email or by phone (1-800-398-1370) because I love to talk to people about the Intuitive Heart™ work. It has meant a lot to many people. I really enjoy seeing how people grow through this training program.

Henry Reed


If you would like to see registration details for this home study course, email henry@intuitiveheart.com


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