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Stories of Synchronicity

I am looking for stories that go beyond synchronicity, stories that the probability of them happening is impossible, but that show "something" is at work in this universe.

For example, when I met the MD who opened the door for me to teach intuitive diagnosis at Brown U. the following had to occur:

A colleague of Al's was scheduled to attend a conference at University of Virginia. Within hours of leaving for the conference the colleague had a family emergency and asked Al if he could take his place. Al agreed (because a meeting he was supposed to be attending in Sweden had just been canceled. He already had plans to be away for this time frame.) I "happened" to be at University of Virginia working on a project for the attorney general. I heard about the conference and at the very last minute, decided to attend a lecture. In an audience of 300 there was only one empty seat, next to him. He was an MD, PhD biochemist from Brown University. I was a forensic psychologist who worked in litigation for the Virginia Attorney General. Just two weeks prior to the conference, while taking part in a remote viewing experiment at Monroe, a cartoon character had appeared and diagnosed my monitors body. So instead of seeing a rock climber at Yosemite, Yosemite Sam gave me information that changed my life. And it turned out, Al had always been interested in Edgar Cayce.

I know all of you have these stories and if you would be willing to share them with me I would be grateful.



Winter Robinson, M.Ed., M.A. has written two books: Intuitions, Seeing With the Heart; Remembering, A Gentle Reminder of Who You are, and created the audiotape series, Discovering Intuition. She headed a pilot project at Brown University which taught "intuitive diagnosis" to medical students.

Winter is currently working on her latest book, "A Hidden Order."

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