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Welcome to the Intuitive-Connections Network: An Editorial Preview


Soul Surfing: Intuition Development Online

Karyn Greenstreet

"I can FEEL you!" Mary shouted, as the group of students practiced a psychic reading on her. "I can feel everyone's energy as you read me!" 


Soul Self Portraits

Henry Reed

As an experiment in spiritual intuition, people allowed the soul to use its imagination to see itself in a mirror.


Psychic Training Journal

Rhonda J. Miller

The most unnerving part of the psychic training workshop was when I "saw" my partner's house. I was in Virginia Beach and her house was in Baltimore. Since I'd just met my partner and had never been to her house, it was a bit unsettling.


Intuition and Psychic: Is there a difference?

Is there any more difference between intuition and psychic (or ESP) than the way they are spelled? In this first installment on a developing dialogue, Kevin Todeschi, Edgar Cayce scholar, surveys  how this one well-known psychic used the words.

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Intuition Network

Seekers Circle™

Controlled Remote Viewing


Controlled Remote Viewing:
A little known bit of history

Lyn Buchanan

Controlled Remote Viewing is a discipline devised by Ingo Swann, PhD, while working on a government contract with Stanford Research Institute to look into the science behind intuitional performance in general, and "psychic spying" in particular.


Healing From Within
A Dream Quest Experience

Jinna van Vliet

I had reached an impasse in my life and needed the guidance from my dreams to help me deal with long buried issues.

Discoveries of the Intuitive Heart

Henry Reed

Edgar Cacye inspired a new approach to psychic research that led to an innovative handle on the natural intuition of the heart.

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Field Tested Psychics

For the past several years, the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies has searched for professional psychics or "intuitives" who demonstrated sufficient helpful abilities to be invited to provide readings for participants at conferences. Here for the first time is the list of these individuals.



Books in Brief

Nurturing your Child's Intuition 

Have you ever hunted exasperated for the shoe your toddler misplaced while his worried tears or distracting behavior only added to your frustration? 

Awakening Intuition

All significant life experiences are encoded in our cells and these long-forgotten memories continue to influence and form the way we see and respond to the world, though our conscious minds may be unaware of them.



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