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The Intuition of Soul: Soulful Self Portraits

Asking people to imagine their soul is a very interesting exercise. At first they donít know what to do, but as they begin to meditate on the assignment, they realize that they do have some feelings about it. Most people have the intuition that they are more than a body, that there is something spiritual, or essential, or "something more" about themselves, however defined. So forgetting about words, how do you diagram it, draw it, put it down on paper?

We donít know much at the moment about how we come to understand something through using the imagination. But it seems to be a very important process. With our imagination we can explore something. We move in with our feelings, empathically. When use our imagination to explore, we use intuition to look inside.

The results are not random or arbitrary. There seems to be some patterns, some visual regularities in the drawings. As you see these patterns, you may begin to recognize aspects of your own implicit understanding of soul.

The Flowering of the Mandala Soul

Letís look first at one kind of imagining of soul. These are images that are round. The soul psychologist Carl Jung would call these images "mandalas." The images suggest that the soul is the ALL of a person, ALL of life, ALL of God. The soul is ALL while the human life lived by the body is just a part.

Sometimes these circle images blossom. A soul blossoms in the life (or lives) of the individual.

Cynthia Thurman

Jane Dykes

Margaret Kupferle


Roger Riehm

Nancy Wasserman

Kathryn Cervello

Nancy LePage

Donita King

Bill Thomas


 The Balloon Soul

 Sometimes the round image, the "mandala," floats above the person, up in the air, like a balloon. It seems to suggest that the soul is "above" somehow, and that our bodies are "down here." The floating balloon mandala has some kind of communication downward to the physical body which roams the earth.

Luis Somoza

Eleanor Clarke

Kathy King


Patty  Somoza

Hawley Miller and "Precious"

Bud Hyland


In the next installment, we'll look at intuitive drawings of soul that reflect an intuition about the soul adopting a physical form on planet earth. We'll have additional soul drawings that suggest still other interpretations of soul. In the meantime, we welcome your own soul self-portrait.

For Commentaries on soul drawings and subscriber contributions of soul drawings, click here!

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