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Leslie and Charles Thomas Cayce


Editor's Comments by Henry Reed

I am pleased to be able to get these real life stories about children's intuition from a family that has devoted so much time to such concerns. Charles Thomas' mention of his daughter "reading" his thoughts brings up both the old classic by the psychiatrist, as well as the issue of "no boundaries" where intuition is concerned.

When I studied the Edgar Cayce readings with regard to psychic development, the idea of "oneness" was such a basic principle that it was clearly a paradigm itself. Today we talk about the shift from the paradigm of separateness to the paradigm of interconnectedness. Yet I wonder if we truly appreciate some of the implications of this shift. If we were to think about it, there is something uncomfortable lurking there, as Charles Thomas' candid remarks reveal. For more about this issue see the collection of research reports I have gathered at I hope that we will have opportunities in our webzine to explore this issue in greater depth.

Leslie Cayce's parting remark about treating children as "souls" equal to ourselves points not only to the respect for children necessary to "raise" them in a healthy manner, but also, at a deeper level points to the respect for all life that intuition seems to demand.

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