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Edgar Cayce on Intuition and Psychic


Editor's Comments by Henry Reed

We asked Kevin Todeschi to research the readings on the question of the difference between intuition and psychic. Kevin is perhaps the most prolific author of books on the Edgar Cayce material and has the research skills necessary to bring the facts to light on what Edgar Cayce actually said. As it turns out, one of the most quoted statements attributed to Cayce concerning intuition is that "intuition is the highest form of psychic ability." This statement implies that intuition is a form of psychic ability, but perhaps also implies that the two terms are equivalent.

We invite comments on the subject of the relationship between intuition and the psychic. It seems important to distinguish between our actual understanding of the world and what is "politically correct." That is, some people say, "I'm not psychic, but I am intuitive," as if the former is not socially acceptable, but the latter is, or that one is abnormal while the other is normal. These distinctions may be more a reflection of political correctness than a reflection of how intuition and psychic abilities actually operate.

Based upon a distinction discussed in the book The Intuitive Edge (Jeremy Tarcher, Publisher)  by Philip Goldberg, in which he discusses the debate over the distinction between the two (he ends up calling intuition as ESP-Plus) I came up with the following hypothetical example:

Suppose you had the assignment to write a magazine article about how the dinosaurs experienced their process of extinction. You go the Library of Congress. You could go through some kind of remote viewing process to browse the library for good material. We know from experiments of remote viewing that the following would be possible: Your assistant names a floor number, a stack number, a shelf number, a book number, a page number, and a line number, and your remote viewing skills could state what words appear on that particular line on that page of that book on that shelf of that stack on that floor of the library. Your assistant could methodically go through all the floors of the library, all the stacks, all the shelves, all the books, all the lines, and assemble a data base of statements that you could choose from for your article. This process might be called a psychic methodology for obtaining data. On the other hand, you could randomly walk through the library, and synchronistically open up a book to a passage that would be just perfect for your article. Many people have experienced something akin to this synchronisitic event, and we might call it intuition. In this example, psychic is the ability to obtain data directly through the mind, while intuition is the ability to sort through that information, evaluate it for relevance, and then direct your behaviors to put yourself in the path of that information. Here would be an example of intuition as ESP-plus!

What are your thoughts about intuition and the psychic? Do you think it matters? Let us hear from you. To send a comment about this article, email to:

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