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A special invitational note from Henry Reed:

Professional Psychics are becoming the folk counselors of our transitional culture. Psychic hotlines proliferate, and professional psychics are increasing in number. A common question asked is, "How can I tell if the psychic is legitimate?" There is a lot of well-placed skepticism about the abilities of people who claim to be a "psychic." Until the profession grows to the point that it can establish in the public mind a trust that spells out what we can expect of the services from a professional psychic, people will always be wondering about the usefulness of receiving guidance from a psychic. But there is a way around this quandry.

We've heard the advice, "Get a second opinion." It arises in a society that recognizes that doctors are not infallible, that they have viewpoints, preferences, and other qualities that make their opinions less than absolute. We no longer hold doctors up on a pedestal of perfection, but realize that we, as patients, have to take some responsibility for our medical care: a combination of self-education and multiple opinions from medical experts give us the best framework for our medical decisions. Long ago, Edgar Cayce spelled out this same framework for working with psychic guidance. There's a special opportunity for you to use this framework yourself, now.

The Edgar Cayce Legacy Conference, for over a decade of annual events, has provided a special format for working with psychic guidance. A key element of this format is the employment of professional psychics who have passed a special audition process. Only a small percentage of those who audition are passed and invited to participate in the Edgar Cayce Legacy Conference. Participants in the conference each meet with two of these psychics for a one-hour professional consultation. At these meetings, the participants present their questions to the psychics for response. In effect, each participant gets two "opinions" on each question.

A second element of the format is training the participants how to obtain answers to their questions through their own psychic abilities. The participants compare the information obtained from the professional psychics, obtained from their own psychic abilities, and obtained from other participants during psychic training exercises. Here we are following the advice of Edgar Cayce, who recommended getting information from at least two psychic sources and correlating the information. The participants receive, in fact, several sources of psychic information to use in the correlation process. Looking for patterns in several sources of information stimulates the participant's own intuitive ability, which is the ultimate goal of the training.

Getting several psychic responses to one question is a real eye-opener.

As a member of the audition team, as someone who has experienced personally this correlative process several times, I want to let you know what a rare and provocative opportunity this aspect of the Edgar Cayce Legacy Conference actually is. To receive a psychic reading from a competent psychic is like having someone scratch an itch in your soul--you are touched in a place that is aching for contact. This contact, especially from a competent psychic, feels so real, so valid, that the information is naturally taken as gospel, absolute truth. Get another reading on the same question, again from a competent psychic, and once again you will feel touched in a special, vital manner. Yet the information will likely be different. What becomes apparent when you receive multiple readings is that each psychic is touching you, but touching you from a particular vantage point. The "truth" that the psychic is sharing with you is relative, not absolute. It is an obvious point, but easily overlooked.

We readily accept that different perceivers will look at a situation from their own personal standpoint; that is, that we get perspectives on truth, not truth itself. The history of physics, beginning with the idea that the "observer affects the observed," has had a profound influence on our philosophy of knowledge. We realize now that reality itself may reside in a situation of multiple-potentials until someone materializes a single concrete reality by observing it. We are just beginning to accept the implications of this conclusion from modern quantum physics. Yet we tend to dis-regard it when it comes to practical matters.

When it comes to psychic readings, it is easy to forget the relativity principle. We come to a psychic because we are in need, we are uncomfortable with unknowing, and we seek certainty. When we get an answer that has a ring of truth, we naturally cling to that answer as absolute, all-truth. The answer is hypnotic in that power because in some way the answer does touch some unconscious knowing deep within us. Yet the answer may be but one of many possible answers. Getting a "second opinion" is the only way to be relieved of that hypnotic illusion. It is also a good way to activate your own intuitive ability and begin to find the truth that will work for you.

The most important questions we ask don't necessarily have factual answers, but rather perspectives, approaches to truth, strategies for discovery or invention. Two doctors may agree on the condition of a bodily organ, but have different perspectives on how that condition relates to the various systems in the body, and have entirely different perspectives on strategies for how to alleviate the conditions. The situation is even more complex when you are not dealing with physical realities, but with social situations and creative challenges.

The Edgar Cayce Legacy Inspires Self-Confidence

While many programs offer techniques for accessing intuition, and many programs teach how to give psychic readings, as far as I know the Edgar Cayce Legacy conference is the only one that creates the larger context for comprehending the significance and implications of working with psychic information and guidance. In so doing, it is in keeping with the inspiration Edgar Cayce provided; namely, that there is no one better suited to provide you with psychic guidance than you yourself. To learn how this is possible, practical, advisable, and inevitable, I invite you to join us at this year's conference.

Henry Reed

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