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Writing with Intuition

Susan Barnes

Author of Kelly Karate Encounters the Moon Princess

There are no rules when writing with intuition. Before I became a published author, I wrote three other novels, all of which sit in the garage to this day. When I go back to these novels, its clear to me what the problem is; each one of them is written in a forced, rigid manner. They don't have that certain flow. and its because I wasn't using my intuition when I wrote them. I approached writing as though I were reporting the news. Feeling frustrated, I remember I lay down and allowed my mind to wander. A memory floated up of an unusual experience I'd had in Mexico many years ago. I was nineteen, and with several of my friends from Mexico City vacationing in Acapulco. Everyone wanted to go water-skiing, everyone except me. Because of a near drowning incident, I had no intention of skiing in the ocean, a quiet lake was one thing but an unpredictable sea? No way. I told my friends I'd ride in the boat and watch them ski.

All of us piled into the ski boat and soon arrived at our destination. I remember it as a spectacular day, the sun was shining, the temperature perfect, and a soft breeze blew across my face. After watching my friends having the time of their lives water skiing, I decided I wanted to try. One of the young men with us volunteered to ski next to me in case I fell. I remember his exact words, he said; "Don't worry, it'll be okay, I won't let you fall." Together, we jumped into the warm water, soon I was up on one ski!

Fear gripped my heart. The waves were bigger than I'd imagined. I panicked until the young man skied next to me and held my arm for a moment. "It's okay, breathe slow, don't worry." When I calmed down, he skied away. I took several deep breaths then thought of my grandfather and how every time I became frightened he would always say; "Don't worry sister, you're gonna be just fine."

In that instant, a feeling of calm washed over me. As I skied, the waves grew. I said to myself, "I am the ocean, the ocean is a part of me. I have nothing to fear." For a few minutes, I felt as though I were one with the ocean, a state of bliss swept through me. I was having the time of my life ! A feeling of pure joy permeated my being. I skied the entire length of Acapulco Bay, waving at cruise ships and whoever else I passed with a huge smile on my face.

As I woke up from my rest I thought of that time in Mexico. What did I learn from that experience? How can I apply it to my writing? I sat back down and wrote. Anything that entered my head I wrote down. After an hour, I stopped. I did this for three days straight. On the fourth day, with a blank piece of paper in front of me, I closed my eyes and said out loud; "I am the story, the story is a part of me. I know the characters, I know their thoughts and feelings. Guide me." When I opened my eyes I wrote.

I wrote a story about a young girl in a lot of emotional pain because her Grandfather suddenly dies. After the first chapter, the girl, has a near death experience and enters into another dimension where she meets many interesting characters including: mermaids, dolphins, monks who can open doors with their mind power and dragons. The main character helps the people in this different world battle an evil dragon. During this adventure the main character, Kelly, sees her Grandfather in a vision. Kelly realizes her Grandfather is guiding her and he isn't "Dead", he's merely in spirit form. Now, if I'd have thought this idea out and analyzed it I would never have written the novel. But because I allowed my intuition to guide me, a story came forth much more powerful than one I "thought " out. Before I finished the book, I showed a few chapters to a publisher and had an offer.

Teachers have told me that my book reaches their most troubled students. My intuition knew better than I what needed to be written. Here are some hints to get you started:

(1) I write to music, preferring Enya. This seems to soothe the "thinking" part of the brain and keeps it busy so I can listen to the quiet whisper of my intuition.

(2) Breathe. I always watch my breath when starting to write. Is your breath shallow and quick? Or is it deep and rhythmic? Go for deep and rhythmic.

(3) Where are you most comfortable? I write in a corner of the room so I won't be disturbed.

(4) Choose a time and stick with it. Get into a time pattern. I wake early around 4:00 to 4:30 am. I go straight to my writing place the second I wake up.

(5) I try not to show my work until its finished. People always want to give their opinion, go with YOUR intuition. Then ask an impartial, kind person for feedback.

(6) Let memories flow back to you, how do you feel about these thoughts? Write them down.

(7) Who do you love? Who have you loved? Write about it. We all have intuition, many people choose not to listen to it. Its goal is to help us. Intuition is like a muscle, the more we use it, the more it grows.

Listen with your heart, not your head. Pour out your ideas, thoughts, and feelings on paper. Soon you'll be able to see where your intuition is guiding you. The answers are within you. Be friends with your soul. Write, don't stop, just write. The treasure is inside waiting to be discovered.

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