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The U.S. Psi Squad

Beverly Jaegers, Founder

Combine Remote Viewing with Psychic Detective work in a group format and what do you get? The U.S. Psi Squad. Founded by Beverly Jaeger, the squad is a group of individuals who have developed a specialized skill through training. They emphasize that they are not "natural psychics," and they don't do "readings" for people. Instead they apply special human cognitive abilities to help the police.

If you visit their web site, you'll find information about their work, articles and online instruction in remote viewing. To get an idea of just how serious they are about their work, note their rules:

Rules of the Psi Squad

  1. We never take cases from the public.
  2. We never ask for nor accept money for our work.
  3. We never volunteer on any case, but wait to be requested by an official law enforcement source with jurisdiction.
  4. Reports are never shared with a victim's family.
  5. We never have any contact of any kind with a victim's family.
  6. All files are open to law enforcement scrutiny at any time.
  7. We do not handle high-profile cases unless requested to do so by the law enforcement group with jurisdiction.
  8. Exact names of police officers working within the squad are never given to the public.
  9. Squad members are chosen on the basis of proven excellent work. Police or law enforcement background is welcome but not a requirement.
  10. We do not seek publicity on any case. Confidential matters remain confidential.
  11. Associate members are accepted and do not have to forego their own freelance professions.
  12. The squad maintains training procedures for police or other law enforcement individuals or groups who wish to take advantage of this excellent investigative tool.


Beverly Jaegers has kindly consented to an interview for Intuitive-Connections Network that gives you some idea of the personal side of this work. She has also allowed us to reprint one of the articles, "The Edge of Tomorrow," from her website.

Here are some of the many interesting features available on the website

2001 Dow Forecast - Bevy's Prediction for the Stock Market in 2001.

Kursk Submarine Remote Views - The series of remote views regarding the Kursk Submarine Tragedy.

The Psychic Paradigm - Bevy's Latest Book

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