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The Edge of Tomorrow

Beverly C. Jaegers*

PSI, long considered paranormal, occult or as some special 'gift' given only to special people, is beginning to take its place in the new Millennium as a valid and reasonable field of science and of worthwhile study.

More responsible for this than any other single factor is the sudden legitimacy of Remote Viewing as an artifact of the Cold War, and its avowed official usage by Governments on both sides of the Atlantic.

Remote Viewing is a relatively new term for the ability to see images in the 'mind's eye'. Totally unrelated to 'having visions' these deliberately-induced images are more closely related to creative visualization, which surfaced during the late 1960's.

The ability of the human mind to use such imagery had long been known, but not so well understood was the ability itself. Both in the USSR and in the United States (at Stanford in California) the ability had been studied as a tool which could be brought under control, rather than a random event. The Stanford program eventually broke off into the well-known training and study programs of SRI. Although military usage was the most prominent projected usage of the skill, it was thought that there might be other ways to apply the ability. After all, if the ability to actually 'see' through walls and roofs to locate hidden emplacements, key personnel and new technological advances was possible, this represented a distinct advantage to those who had operators capable of such feats. If all stories are to be believed, and it is certain that most of them can be, remote viewing was used in such ways during not only the Cold War, but in conflicts involving terrorist activity, hostage taking and other crises which deeply affected American welfare.

Although the chief purveyor of news about the so-called Psi-War was Washington columnist Jack Anderson, hints and some solid information had been leaking out of the Soviet Union since the early 1960's. Lacking enough naturally talented persons to test, the Soviets began a program of training groups of college students in several of the 'psychic' skills. At that time, they were relatively open about their efforts, so that news and actual techniques being used filtered into the western Press. The realization that the ability to use these skills could be learned was a factor long theorized by a very few individuals. There were more scoffers, of course, than those willing to consider the possibility. One of the earlier voices in the possibility race was the late Dr. Karlis Osis of the American Society for Psychical Research. Eventually, there were more, as the decade of the 60's ended. Let us remember that it was this same time period that saw the beginnings of today's accepted fields of study including quantum theory, black holes, laser technology and so many others we may not fully understand but must accept as realities.

Among those fields being studied was one of the oldest skills known to man, the ability to actually 'see' objects or landscape features at a distance. It was once thought that this ability was the exclusive property of a shaman, a monkor or medicine man, and could only be induced by ingestion of hallucinogenic drugs, certain kinds of smoke or one of many types of self-hypnosis. Its use was often to locate game at some distance so that they could be successfully hunted, or in some cases, such as the Oracle at Delphi, in an effort to see the future. The mechanism was not well understood, and in fact, began to be suppressed in later ages as such abilities of the mind were considered questionable and possibly related to religion or as evil. However, in some, the ability was still close to the surface and might spontaneously occur, most often during dreams or reveries. Indeed, this is still the case, and most persons to whom such a breakthrough might occur would prefer never to mention it and in fact, tend to fear it.

Following the beginning of exploration into the skill after WW II, and the fact that it was no longer in the province of the shaman, but that of the scientists, perception and opinion began slowly to shift toward its reality and potential usefulness.

Probably the single most effective breakthrough in the minds of the public and scientific communities was the news of Rhine ESP card experiments carried out during the flight of Apollo 14's moon mission, between Astronaut Capt. Edgar Mitchell and several receivers on Earth. This first planet-space event electrified those scientists bold enough to become pioneers in this new frontier.

Ingo Swann has been given the cachet of first bringing the ability to see at a distance to the attention of legitimate scientists. His effort deserves much credit; for had it not been for his contribution, remote viewing might still be called 'clairvoyance' and practiced only by shawl-clad crystal gazers in shrouded parlors. Contemporaries of Swann, among them Harold Sherman, Ron Warmoth, Alex Tanous and your author were actively experimenting with the skill during the 60's and were in communication with one another sporadically.

When in mid-decade, news of Russian advances in training people to use the skill became more than supposition, American Intelligence took note and began a crash-program of their own. Swann's work catapulted SRI into a foremost position as the outstanding force in 'parapsychology' and in training programs designed for the military. Jim Schnabel's 1997 "Remote Viewers" is the best reference in this context, covering Government programs with such names as Grillflame and Stargate and relating some experiences of a few trained remote viewers such at Pat Price, Joe McMoneagle, Lyn Buchanan and Joe Smith. It is true that not all of the Government programs were conducted at Stanford, for there were other individuals with either some natural or in a few cases, trained-in remote viewing abilities, and the all out effort of the American Government made an effort to locate and recruit them.

Basically, the ability of the human mind to utilize such things as latitude/longitude designations (CRV) randomly constructed target-numbers, photographs or solid objects as methods to access information and details is remote viewing. It is possible for this skill to retrieve solid information and accurate data from a site thousands of miles away. This is the obvious relationship to its use many millennia ago as a hunting device.

Can this skill be learned? Of course. There is no longer any question that it can be learned, as evidenced by not only SRI and Princeton Engineering Abnormalities Lab, but by independent researchers, as well as in my own experience over more than 35 years of first learning how to do it, then how to teach it to others. Many of the ex-military Remote Viewers are now engaged in training programs of their own. It is evident that no special kind of person, no special 'gift' is required, merely the intention to learn to use the natural skills we already possess. It is a factor of some interest that more men are inclined to pursue this ability than women. Formerly it was thought that 'clairvoyance' was somehow restricted to females, and commonly passed off as 'woman's intuition'. However, today's students tend to be extremely intelligent, highly motivated, and the greater number of them are males.

Because we now understand that remote viewing can be successfully taught, the questions of today lie in the methods of applying conscious control of the skill; the fact that it can easily transcend the perceived barriers of time and space; and those uses for the ability that are non-related to military or intelligence purposes.

The possession of such a skill within even the most ordinary of minds has been likened to having a Porsche in your garage and not being aware that it is there! When the majority of humans begin to discover and explore the remote viewing ability and learn to direct and control it; more and more positive uses for it will be invented. Far from being simply a method of mentally 'snooping' into the mind or life or another (which usually does not work) this skill can give us control of not only our environment, our planetary resources, but of our future as a race. It has been successfully used to see mineral deposits through solid rock and earth, to help solve crimes, to locate the lost, to solve problems in business and commerce, and to track the movements of the financial world.

It is only a matter of time until science provides those who have learned to use it with projects of immense significance to the human race. To see, at last, beyond the barriers of distance and into past or future events, is one of the most exciting ideas that has ever been envisioned. At this time it is the most efficient means of 'time travel' we have at our command, and it holds the potential of space exploration within its matrix as well.

Where might we go with this? What other wonders might it hold? Only time can tell, and it certainly will.

*Beverly "Bevy" Jaegers has been involved in PSI research and exploration since the early 1960's. Author The Psychic Paradigm' (Berkley Putnam, 1998) she has lectured and presented classes and seminars nationally on learning to use these skills of the mind since 1965. As leader and founder of the U.S. Psi Squad, a police-resource PSI group, Bevy has long been regarded as an authority on non-military usage of remote viewing in anti-crime and Wall Street work, where her predictive viewing has brought her a $60,000 commission. Author of several dozen books, she has devised a training program available for home-study which is not only comprehensive but workable.

This article taken from by permission. Copyright ©2001 Beverly Jaeger

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