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Intuitive Investigation of Terrorist Attack on WTC

Preface from a correspondent:
I believe most of you know who David Spangler is. For those who do not, let me share something of my own knowledge. He has been a conscious sensitive since childhood. He was an early co-director and spokesperson for Findhorn, and wrote several books from there which came from his inner guidance. I have always found him someone worth listening to. He has more than once been a speaker at the Mount. More recently, he has been involved with broader movements towards conscious evolution into the emerging new age, including being connected with the work emerging from the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC. It is my understanding from a recent book cover blurb that he know lives in Seattle.

Subject: SPANGLER/Message from inner being

Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 07:30:37 -0700

Over the past few days since the tragic destruction of the WTC, several folks have asked me to comment on the inner side of this event or wondered if I had any particular insights into what has been happening on the inner realms.

The truth is that for all of Tuesday and Wednesday, I was simply too caught up in the enormity of the tragedy to be able to tune in properly.  I needed to process my own feelings.  When I did try to journey inwardly into the situation, I encountered such a powerful maelstrom or cloud of psychic energy around it that all I could do was to enter it and hold a peaceful, loving center.  Just as survivors of the WTC collapse have spoken of being enveloped in dust so thick and black that they couldn't even see their hands in front of their faces, so it was for me entering this cloud of emotion, thought, and energy.  All I could experience within it was sorrow, grief, fear, and anger, and all I could do was simply be a point of holding and peace within it. I had little ability to see into the higher domains where some deeper information or insight might be available.

Late Wednesday afternoon, however, I was contacted by a being with whom I have had prior contacts and who appears to me to be one of many beings whose function is to nourish the ongoing evolution and well-being of this nation. I suppose I think of this being as an agent of the Soul of America.
Through this contact, a series of images and insights began to unfold for me, but it has taken me two days to get a good handle on the information, and chances are I will still be processing it for days to come.  As the effect of this contact has deepened for me, it has also made it possible for me to journey into the situation and observe for myself some of the energies and forces at work.

Because of this I have two levels of information. One comes from an inner plane being and the second comes from my own observations working on the inner planes. I want to differentiate clearly between these two.  Both draw on different capabilities.  In the first case, the trustworthiness of the information depends on my skills as a mediator and translator of another being's perceptions; in the second case, the trustworthiness depends on my abilities as an observer and is affected by my interpretation of what I have seen and my thoughts about its meaning.  I have reasonably good trust in myself and in my skills in both instances, but you need to evaluate the information for yourselves, so you need to know what information is coming from what source.

In any event, as most of you know, information received using intuitive skills from the inner worlds or from inner beings is not to be given any greater authority or weight than you would give to any other information, particularly when it comes from an ordinary, human source.  It is still one person's (or one being's) perspective, and you must receive it and evaluate it using the integrity and independence of your own thinking and feeling and the guideline of your own soul and spirit.

In this email, I will share what I received from my inner contact.  In a later email I will share my own observations and thoughts.

What this being said and showed me could be translated in this way (understand that it takes me more words to express it than it did the being to communicate with me!):
"What has taken place is an act of sacrifice and a gift given by the Soul of America to the world at large.

To understand this, you must know two things.  The first is that whenever a death occurs, for whatever reason, whether peacefully or in violence, an energy of spirit is released. An incarnational portal is opened, just as it is at birth.  This energy is neutral or perhaps I should say, unformed. It is a gift that flows between the worlds.  What is shaped from this gift is up to those who receive it, as well as by the one whose death has released it.  Think of this energy the way your biologists and doctors think of a stem cell:  it is capable of being shaped and particularized in many ways.

When a death occurs peacefully or as an act of courage and sacrifice, or when the one dying does so in a loving or blessingful way, then this energy is given a spin in a certain direction and can be a source of blessing for others. It lends itself to being shaped in positive ways.  If the death is violent and hateful, a different spin is given, and this energy can more readily be shaped in hateful ways.  However, this is not a rule, and even hateful and violent deaths can generate an energy that will ultimately be shaped in loving, healing, or transformative ways.

Think of this energy as a kind of inheritance. It is a gift from the dead, a gift from the dying.  It is a gift to life, even, you may say, a gift of life that can add to and bless the lives of those who remain physically embodied.  Not all inheritances are spent wisely or well, not all gifts are used with grace and blessing, but the gift itself is there

The giving of this gift is an act of soul and is automatic.  It is really an act inherent in the boundary between your world and ours, a result of crossing that boundary. To release this energy and to give this gift is not a conscious decision on the part of the one who has crossed the portal, but someone who dies in a mindful and loving way will greatly add to this gift and turn it from an unconscious energy into a consciously positive one. Also, if love is present in the last moments of physical life, even if the death is violent or as a result of hateful acts, this gift can emerge untainted by the hate that may have caused the killing.  Many of those who died in this event did so with thoughts of love and courage. We can see this, and the importance of this cannot be underestimated. They have left a powerful gift of energy.

That is one matter.  As you know, there is a reservoir of fear and pain, suffering and anger, hatred and separation in your world.  Why this is so is not of concern at this moment; suffice to say it is ancient in origin and that all peoples contribute to it and have therefore a responsibility towards it.  All people suffer from it, whatever nation they belong to. It is a human problem, not a national or tribal one.

In this event, the soul of America has acted in a sacrificial way to take on a portion of this energy and hopefully transmute it.  It has been doing this for some time, and in this event, some of that sacrificial activity has manifested itself into the physical. There are energies of hatred and violence circling your world, so to speak, looking to land, and all nations, including your own, are contributing to this simply because people contribute to it in millions of small and mindless ways.  That this particular energy landed in your nation in this way was partly a matter of consequences returning for certain patterns and actions you have set into motion. You cannot avoid paying a price for your own acts of violence in the world.

But in spite of what many may say about America's responsibility, this action was not primarily one of retribution or of paying a price. It was an act of sacrifice, a deliberate taking on of a portion of the world's hatred and suffering because the soul of America has the capacity to receive this hatred and transmute it.  This is not a test of whether or not you can do so; you have already done so.  An energy of violence needed to be grounded and was going to land somewhere. The soul of this country took it on, knowing it could absorb this blow. An energy of love and courage has been released into the world. There will be changes and there will be blessings.

This has happened whatever the immediate response of your people and your government may be. If your repines is one that recycles the hatred in acts of revenge, this does not mean you have failed a test, only that you have not yet achieved a place of inner confidence and courage in which you can trust in a spirit of love and healing.  But you will reach that place eventually.

You must understand this. The Soul of America is far more than its government or any one group of people.  Even if your government or members of your citizenry react with hatred and seek simple revenge, this does not mean that everyone reacts that way nor does it mean that a deepening of spirit has not taken place.  For those whose desire to love, to forgive, to be peacemakers has been quickened by this event, let them extend this inclusionary, embracing spirit to their fellows, even to those who, in their own anger and pain, now seek revenge. The gift of this sacrifice can be received in many ways by people.  For those who can receive it in a way that takes them into the deepest places of love and the celebration of the common spirit of humanity, and whose hearts can be opened to forgive, let them be grateful, but they should not condemn those who will receive this gift in different ways. If your heart is broken and opened to love, this is a grace for you to embody, not a club for you to hold over your brother's or sister's heart.

The energy behind this event needed to be received by humanity, much as the energy in a storm needs to be discharged by lightning.  It could have been much worse; its effects were greatly mitigated, in no small measure by the fact that it was taken on by this country.  It is also true that even worse acts of violence have been and are being contemplated.  It is the hope of the Soul of America and of all of us who serve that great Being and serve this country from the realms of spirit that by taking on this event and the release of the energy behind it, as well as the release of the transformative power of the sacrificial act, will greatly lessen or dissolve the potential of these worse acts.

Has America lost its protection from spirit?  No.  You are greatly protected.  Bolts have formed that have never struck you and were diverted. This protection will not cease.  But you are all in a stormy world. The charges of hatred and fear are strong in all countries, and these attract and form the bolts of violence that strike your world.  If a bolt gets through, it is unfortunate, but you must think of all the bolts that did not.

I have spoken of this as a sacrificial act made by the Soul of America. Did those who were killed have any choice in the matter?  What we see is that many of those who perished had indeed made an agreement at a soul level to participate in this sacrificial act, to make it their portal for entry into our world; others did not but were drawn into the event for a great many reasons personal to them and their destinies. They could not have avoided it.

But many had not chosen this way to die nor were bound to the event by chains of attraction or consequence, and they were not touched, sometimes for miraculous reasons but mostly because of how the event actually unfolded in time and space. In any event, all who died were immediately embraced by the love that led the Soul of America to offer itself in this way, and their entry into our world was graced and blessed by this spirit.

But as I have described, all who died gave the gift of energy released by their dying. And in the opening of the portal so powerfully by the deaths of so many, this gift of life from death, even though initiated by the hatred of a few, became a channel for an outpouring of the love that is at the heart of America.  It is, I know, a painful gift, but it is a gift nonetheless. It is for you who remain to take that gift and reshape your world with it.  It is a precious thing, and it can remake your world.
I bless you."

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