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Learning Medical Intuition Online

Karyn Greenstreet

"Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next." Jonas Salk

Within several months of our first online intuition development class, we realized that we had built a significant intuitive rapport with each other. This would manifest in many ways: checking for new emails just 30 seconds after a person had sent one to you without your knowledge, sensing when someone had a bad day while simply sitting with them in the chat room, or knowing when someone was having physical or emotional health problems by "scanning" them while online. Because the energy information was coming so rapidly and accurately, we soon added "medical intuition" to our weekly intuition development class topics by popular request of the students.

Health care providers, from doctors to dentists to psychologist, often have a built-in intuitive ability to sense energy and health in their patients. Whether these practitioners are physically with their patients, or across town, there is a connection that manifests itself when needed. Many nurses tell stories of "knowing" when a patient in a hospital needs their attention, even before the patient calls them. Emergency Room doctors and nurses often report relying upon intuition in crisis situations where it seems knowledge and experience isnít giving them the right answers fast enough to save a life. Psychologist report knowing the "right" question to ask a patient in order to bring about deep insight, even if the topic of the question has never been discussed between therapist and patient.

Where once the western philosophy was to separate body and soul, the new paradigm turns toward a new holistic model where the body and soul can "speak" to a practitioner to help increase health and well-being. Instead of using only intellect to diagnose medical conditions, medical intuition is a more multi-dimensional tool that takes into the practitionerís training and experience, and marries it with intuition and a full mind/body awareness of the nature and cause of disease. In using medical intuition, there is only one expert: the clientís body and soul.

The medical profession is beginning to open its eyes to using intuition as a diagnostic tool. As the Dean of Students at Brown University once said, "What we are speaking of here, using intuition in diagnosing, is the ĎArt of Medicineí that has been pushed aside for technological advances. It is time to bring it back into the incorporate it into the training of our medical students." Professional Medical Intuitives who are not licensed health practitioners may not legally diagnose or offer cures for disease. However, they often work closely with doctors and other medical professionals, using their intuitive skills to assist in a full reading of the patientís situation.

This form of intuition will often go backward in time to find out the patientís history and major life events that may have be the basis for a current illness. Caroline Myss, for example, can tell about small life events that happened many years ago that have a bearing on the patientís current situation. And remember, healing and curing are not the same thing: a cure occurs when the physical progression of an illness is controlled or stopped. But curing a physical illness does not always mean that the emotional/psychological stresses that contributed to the illness are diminished or "cured". A Medical Intuitive can help to find the underlying stresses so that they can be healed. Sometimes a dying person will not be cured, but they heal their life and die in peace.

If you turn your attention to a particular person, you can "read" their energy and their well-being. This may come to you in symbols or feelings or actual words. Sometimes the message can be very specific ("The heart is weak") or you might sense the flow (or lack of flow) of energy in the body. It isnít difficult to learn how to tap into your medical intuitive skills. It requires knowing the process, then practice, practice, practice. Through practice and experience, you learn to pay attention to the body and the energy flow, without censoring, analyzing, or bringing and pre-conceived notions to the session.

Winter Robinson, the famous medical intuitive, teaches an online introductory workshop in medical intuition. In the beginning, youíll start out scanning animals for health indications, then gradually move on to people. You are only given the initials of the people you are scanning, so you donít even know if itís a man or a woman. This kind of anonymity of the patient allows you to come to the session without any pre-conceived notions about possible situations. Through repeated practice in online chats and remote viewing exercises, both on volunteer patients and on your own body, you soon master the basic techniques. You can visit Winterís web site at

Medical intuition is just another form of intuition, like psychometry or precognition. But there is a higher ethical standard when practicing medical intuition, and the person studying and using medical intuition should have the highest sense of personal responsibility. This is not a parlor game for a Saturday night; this can be an important part of healing the planet, and therefore carries a commensurate weight. Medical Intuitives work with the bodyís intention to be healthy, and our energy field communicates these energy facts, even when the patient is verbally saying something completely different. As a Medical Intuitive, you must always tell the truth, not just what the patient wants to hear.

Whether youíre a nurse, a psychotherapist, or a massage therapist, medical intuition can be one more "tool" in your collection of skills, knowledge, and gifts to offer your patients. As we progress in our society towards a marriage of intellect, emotion, spirituality, and intuition, a holistic approach will become the only approach to healing.

Here is an exercise for you to try:

This exercise uses both your knowledge of chakras and your knowledge of auras to get 3-dimensional intuitive information about a person. You can do this on another person, or try it on yourself.

If you are doing a face-to-face reading, have the person stand in front of you. If you are doing this remotely, imagine that the person is standing up.

Starting at the top of the head, use your hands or your intuitive senses to scan the front of the body, going slowly from top of head to feet. What you are trying to sense is places where the energy looks or feels "different". This different energy can be:






Make a note of where on the body the energy feels/looks different, and write it down in your Psychic Journal. Go over the body from head to foot several times to be sure that you sense the energy differences in the same locations each time.

Do the same scan on the back of the body. Write down your discoveries.

Go back to those places that feel different, and try to determine which auric layer if affected. Start from about 36 inches from the body, working inwards. Is the energy difference in the spiritual layer, emotional layer, or physical layer? Note down this information in your Psychic Journal.

Finally, interpret what you have seen/sensed. Use a chakra chart or aura chart to construct a 3-dimensional interpretation. For example, say that you sensed "dense" energy around someoneís throat chakra, in the physical auric layer. It could mean that they have a sore throat. If it were dense at the throat in the emotional auric layer, it could mean that they are not speaking their mind (which frustrates them), or that they have been arguing a lot (which upsets them). In this example, ask the throat what this information means.

Copyright © 2001 by Karyn Greenstreet. All rights reserved.

Karyn Greenstreet is an intuition development instructor and Life Coach, living with her husband and five cats. Her web site, The Seeker's Circle (, offers free online intuition chats, as well as articles and interviews about psychic development. The Seekerís Circle is hosting Winter Robinsonís Introduction to Medical Intuition online workshop, beginning in October.

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