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Intuitive Connections, August 15, 2010

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Atlantic University News Atlantic University News

Atlantic University Arrives on Facebook

Facebook is now one of the new hangouts for friends of Atlantic University, which include students, graduates, faculty and others interested in being among spiritually minded learners.

New Online Format for A.U. Courses

This fall Atlantic University begins its new online format. A semester is shortened from 6months to 15 weeks and students will meet as a group online for more collegial study.

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Atlantic University Subtle Energy Experiments

By Allison Carlson & Lisa Frish

Focus on a burning candle about 5 feet in front of you. Make sure you are sitting comfortably and your spine is straight. Look at the flame and keep your eyes half open during the exercise. Once you are settled evoke the feeling of the energy ball between your hands. If you find it difficult to make the energy ball just imagine yourself removing the flame from the candle and placing the warmth of that flame at the root chakra. This may create a warm, tingling feeling or a vibration in the root chakra. Hold the flame there for a short while and then begin to move it.

Embracing Menopause: A Transpersonal Approach


As a nearly post-menopausal woman who experienced a quite lengthy "menopause from hell", I can truly attest to the power of the mind in its ability to wreck havoc within the body.  Hot flashes, cold flashes, severe anxiety, panic attacks, trembling, a racing pulse, sky-rocketing blood pressure and not-even-a-wink-of-sleep insomnia ... all of this and more can be experienced during a severe menopausal crisis.  But what, you may ask, is the cause of all of this mayhem?  Is it all in a woman's mind? 

Books Books

Hand Wash Cold

By Karen Maezen Miller

When I was thirty-five, I looked up one day and realized that I hadn't had a life. I'd had a lot of things. I had a husband and a marriage. We had two late-model cars, two high-speed careers, and a two-story house on an oak-lined street. I had everything I ever thought I wanted, and much more than I needed. What I did not have was happiness.  Or laundry.

The Deja Vu Enigma

By Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman

It comes on without warning. It can happen at any time, in any place, with any one. Suddenly, you get that eerie feeling of "I've been here before." Yet, you are certain that this is the first time you have ever set foot in such a place. Maybe you are in the midst of a conversation, and realize that you have spoken those very same words before, to the very same person now standing before you. But there is no possible way you could have. Deja vu anyone?


Jung the Mystic

By Gary Lachman

Jung himself, I have to say, would have grumbled about most New Age philosophy, as it is sadly naive and lacking the kind of rigor he applied to his own work. And I should add that there is nothing new about a New Age as the idea has a long history in the West; Jung himself was talking about one in 1940, and he was one of the first to spread the idea of a coming "Age of Aquarius," which he identified through his study of astrology.

Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls

By NIgel Kerner

The human skeleton is an ideal aerial for transmitting and receiving the radio wavelength equivalent of the pre-electromagnetic spectrum, i.e., thought. Each individual has a unique "carrier wave pattern," to which signals are added according to intention, action, and result. The aerial is flexible and movement at the joints provides various alignments that channel the signals and thereby alter the efficiency of transmission and reception.

Books Published by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies Books Published by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies

Future Consciousness: A 2012 Omni Reader

Edited by Henry Reed

Is the world preparing to make a shift? Is consciousness changing? Does the Mayan calendar speak of a major global event coming on December 21, 2012? What are the other prophecies regarding the future? Are there any new ideas? 445 pages of book summaries, articles, etc. will broaden your perspective on what's coming.

The All Seeing Eye: A Remote Viewing Omni Reader

Edited by Henry Reed

How did remote viewing come into existence? What has "RV" accomplished? How does one go about doing an RV session? This 322 page anthology contains summaries of most all the books published on remote viewing, plus some never before published material on the subject.

Intuitive Channels, Augusta Nobles, Editor Inspirational Art, Sue Parcheta, Editor

Evaluating Channeled Guidance:

ECIIS offers links to recent intuitive information channeled by various folks on the internet. As part of our offering, read Henry Reed's essay on how to evaluate channeled guidance, by clicking here!

Spiritual Art By Sally

Sally Barnard discovered her avocation as a spiritual artist -- and learned how to draw -- through her dreams. She outlines her remarkable story in her book, Call Me Zena, with images channeled from her dreams. Enjoy her dream art gallery on Facebook.

The Sirian Masters

This source discusses liner and non-liner time, with growth possibilities of human-kind.

Brian Luke Seaward

An author in body-mind-spirit healing, Dr. Seaward expresses his artist talent via photography and film. His award-winning documentary, Earth Songs: Mountains, Water and the Healing Power of Nature, is shown in hospitals, cancer centers, and to returning U.S. Soldiers.

SaLuSa, of Sirius

SaLuSa, who hails from Sirius, is a very different source than the Sirian Masters, mentioned above. Enjoy this video clip from SaLuSa, of Sirius, a few minutes of eye-candy as this message unfolds for you.

Marlene Caldes

Executive director of the InnerVoice Network, creator of the IntentionMap, author, astrologer, radio personality (Conversations of the Quantum Age) and artist, Marlene's Aura Portraits express the divinity of spirit, which she refers to as MetaExpressionism.

Internet News Links Internet News Links

Can the Movie "Inception" Make You Smarter?

Devon White writes, "It's almost impossible to explain what I do. But now that Inception has come out, when people ask me what I do I simply say, 'Did you see Inception? Good. I do that. I plant inceptions. Except the people aren't asleep. And it always feels good.'"

The Occult and the Making of America

Mitch Horowitz writes, "In my book Occult America, I enter this discussion by arguing that the nation's occult and esoteric religious movements of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries shaped today's culture of therapeutic spirituality, and helped spread widely held liberal attitudes about religion."

Albert Einstein on Religion

The genius writes, "Everything that the human race has done and thought is concerned with the satisfaction of felt needs and the assuagement of pain. One has to keep this constantly in mind if one wishes to understand spiritual movements and their development. Feeling and desire are the motive forces behind all human endeavour and human creation, in however exalted a guise the latter may present itself to us."

Buckminster Fuller Challenge

The Idea Index serves as a tool to educate, network, and help solve problems. As an educational tool, the Index is full of hopeful, exciting ideas and solutions to pressing problems. As a networking tool, the Index allows site visitors to contact the project leaders, leave a constructive and/or encouraging comment and connect with one another.


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