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March 01,   2010
Intuitive Connections, February, 2010

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Guide to Online Books:

A.U. student Jenna Cowles has prepared an annotated guide to books and articles that are available online for free. It is a MS Word document.

What's in a Name?

For her Masters Degree project, Donna Marie Nutile researched how a person's name affected the person's self-image.

Books Books

The Secret Life of God

A Novel, by Ray Cullis

     "We have no secrets!" I shouted. "God knows all our secrets! God sees everything!"

     I glanced  down from the pulpit at the right front pew where my wife, Christina, had sat during my sermons until that fateful Sunday two weeks ago.

          "And so, my fellow worshippers, next Sunday I will preach about...the secret life of God!"

What is God? By Jacob Needleman.

An Excerpt: And What of God?

 Every relatively normal man, woman or child has genuine experiences of the inner world of the Self. But in a culture such as our own, these experiences are not recognized as what in fact they are: namely, "messages" from the Self indicating what a human being is meant to be and what he or she can become.

The Resonance Key: Exploring the Links Between Vibration, Consciousness, and the Zero Point Grid.

By Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman.

An Excerpt: "What's the Frequency?"

Remember those cheesy coin-operated vibrating beds that were all the rage in nearly every motel back in the 1970s? How about alphanumeric pagers that would vibrate when someone paged you? Has some heartless idiot ever driven through your neighborhood in the middle of the night "bumping" the latest rap hit? It seems like everything vibrates.

The Science of Happiness, by Ryuho Okawa.

An Excerpt: The Principle of Happiness

The first principle of happiness is love. This love is not the kind of love that you expect to receive from others. The love that I teach at Happy Science is love that gives.3 The true nature of love that gives is based on awakening to the fact that all human beings are children of God and originate in him, and that you are essentially one with others.

Emotional Wisdom, by By Mantak Chia and Dena Saxer

An Excerpt

Why do we have emotions in the first place? Many of us experience them as a disturbance, something out of our control. But they're not simply a thorn in our side. They are natural energy responses to what we experience through our senses. They're vital messages from our Soul, our higher self, to our personality or body.

Healing and the Creative Response: Four Key Steps Shared by Healers and Artists. By Rev. Cay Randall-May

Reviewed by Henry Reed

What many folks do not recognize is that the same vital intelligence that provides for healing ability, also provides for creative and psychic ability. Among indigenous peoples, the shaman often plays all these roles, healer, artist and teacher.

Books Published by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies Books Published by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies

Future Consciousness: A 2012 Omni Reader

Edited by Henry Reed

Is the world preparing to make a shift? Is consciousness changing? Does the Mayan calendar speak of a major global event coming on December 21, 2012? What are the other prophecies regarding the future? Are there any new ideas? 445 pages of book summaries, articles, etc. will broaden your perspective on what's coming.

The All Seeing Eye: A Remote Viewing Omni Reader

Edited by Henry Reed

How did remote viewing come into existence? What has "RV" accomplished? How does one go about doing an RV session? This 322 page anthology contains summaries of most all the books published on remote viewing, plus some never before published material on the subject.

Intuitive Channels, Augusta Nobles, Editor Inspirational Art, Sue Parcheta, Editor

Evaluating Channeled Guidance:

ECIIS offers links to recent intuitive information channeled by various folks on the internet. As part of our offering, read Henry Reed's essay on how to evaluate channeled guidance, by clicking here!


California artist Charlene Maguire writes, "Energy never dies...it just transforms."  She says her life affirmation "seems to fit, as life keeps transforming me!"

Check out her Fine Arts.

Shala Mata

From Vancouver Island, Canada, Shala's channeled messages strive for balance in the midsts of change. Her story of vibrational upgrades and the development of our pineal gland was especially interesting.



The creative inspiration of actor/filmmaker Christopher Showerman (most widely known for his role as George in Walt Disney's George of the Jungle II) he has his own line of tees.


Ronna Herman

From Reno, Nevada, an internationally recognized channel of Arch Angel Michael and the founder of "Star Quest", a monthly newsletter containing regular messages from AAMichael. Enjoy a little story called, "While on the Way to Ascension".


Carlton Gallery

Toni Carlton Owner/curator/artist is celebrating 27 years with her Fine Art/Contemporary Craft Gallery, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Jach Pursel

Led by an intuition from his partner, Peny North, Jach allowed his meditations to develop in an external voice, and Lazaris made himself known. Here he gives us a history lesson on religion.     http://lazaris.com/AboutLazarisandChanneling2.cfm

Elaine Clayton

An illustrator for children's books (illustrating currently for novelist Jane Smiley), and a Reiki Master. My on-line sketchbook is dedicated to dreams and journaling, intuitive knowing and observation/reflections which show us our lives are not ordinary.


Internet News Links Internet News Links

Free Book Notes

A site dedicated to finding all of the sites with free book notes or "free cliff notes" and indexing all the individual free study guides and free book summaries, a database of over 2500 links.

Church of Light Newsletter

This issue covers the planet Uranus - the planet of change that comes abruptly. While the lessons of Uranus are many, one that empowers us all is the lesson.

Intuitive Heart Teacher Training and Certification

A special program led by Henry Reed, creator of the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process, at Cedar Springs, Virginia, September 19-25, 2010.

Apocalypse 2012

Lawrence Joseph, author of that book describing known celestial and geographic events timed for that alignment, has an extensive website on the subject.


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