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July 12,  2008
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The Discovery of Hope

Michele Tryon recently presented at the Atlantic University spring convocation her project as a Child Life Specialist working in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit to discover moments of hope among children and their families who were going through very trying circumstances. Her definition of hope was "the ability to trust what is happening in the here and now, while expecting, anticipating, and wishing for joy to replace suffering." She worked with the angel Gabriel to detect these special moments of hope. To read her entire report, click here!


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Spokes: A Poem by Jack Thompson

Each belief is just one spoke
in the greater wheel of life.
Each supports in it's own way
that faith may bear the strife.


Archetype of the Apocalypse by Edward F. Edinger

Summary and Commentary By Jane Marks, Ph.D.

This book has valuable information for the mind on a quest for eternal questions. Questions like, “Why is there a snake in the garden of Eden and why is there a two-way world of good and evil?  How do you explain pathology that is so out of proportion, like the holocaust and both World Wars?”  

A New Approach To Igniting and  Sustaining Creativity

by Anne Paris, PhD

Mary squirmed in her chair as she continued, “I just don’t know what is wrong with me. Why can’t I just do it? I feel stressed all the time when I’m not writing. ‘I should be writing’, I say to myself, but I don’t. I think, if I just get the laundry done, then I’ll be free to sit down and write the next chapter. But then I don’t.

Making the Case for Soul Groups, by Joanne Aaronson

Over the years, I’ve heard that souls can come together in one or more lifetimes to help each other. When souls incarnate at similar times in order to work on life issues together, they are known as soul groups. I began to feel that this phenomenon was occurring in my life recently as the following story typifies


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JB Rhine Research Center Newsletter

They've just come out with a new newsletter, Consciousness Today. It gives links to new archived material.

Public Parapsychology

A web-blog site that gives news about events in the field of ESP research..

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