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January 25 , 2007
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Cosmic Law: Patterns in the Universe By Dean Brown and Wendy Wiegand

Laws of the Universe express patterns of reality that are perceived to be invariant. When viewing from different perspectives,they come out to be the same. Laws do not ‘govern.’ They describe.

Field Tested Psychics

Professional intuitives who have proved their helpfulness at the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies.

Interview with a Psychic Detective

Beverly Jaegers, founder of U.S. Psi Squad, reveals some secrets of solving police cases with remote viewing.

ESP and Secrets by Henry Reed

Does our need for personal secrets affect our feelings about ESP?

Psychic Healing or Terrorism? by Henry Reed

Larry Dossey suggests that prayers can heal others and that curses can hurt them. Explore this controversial idea.

Is Psychic Invasion a Case of Co-Dependency? by Henry Reed

A personal story of psychic invasion suggests a new view on this controversy.

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