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January 16, 2008
The Intuitive-Connections Network

More Marcia Emery: A Tribute to Her Work on Behalf of Intuition

By Henry Reed

A look at the work of Marcia Emery, Ph.D., professional intuitive and innovator in intuition training, with many links to unlisted goodies.

Leslie & Charles Thomas Cayce on their children’s intuition

By Henry Reed

More coming soon

Jeffrey Mishlove interviews Helen Palmer

More coming soon

Interview with a Psychic Detective

Subscribers Only!

Beverly Jaegers, founder of U.S. Psi Squad, reveals some secrets of solving police cases with remote viewing.

Messages from Dr. Lauren

By Lauren Thibodeau

Calling on the intuitive wisdom of another person to help you interpret events in your life is a key turning point in your spiritual growth and development. But choose your wisdom resources wisely.

Develop Your Intuitive Heart in Asheville, North Carolina

By Henry Reed

Practical intuition means gaining guidance for yourself and your relationships. How can you obtain the highest guidance possible? The Intuitive Heart approach is based upon the spiritual ideals Edgar Cayce prescribed for extraordinary psychic ability.

The Call: Discovering Why You Are Here

By Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Book Commentary by Linda Brown

It isn’t about using focused attention to get what you want or pretending to be at peace while waiting for a higher power to notice and reward you. The book is about accepting reality.

The Intelligent Heart

By Bruce & David McArthur

Book summary by Linda Brown

This book is a comprehensive examination of the Universal Laws and combines the wisdom of Edgar Cayce with the science of HeartMath.

Why Edgar Cayce Was Not a Psychic: Typological Issues and Their Social and Religious Consequences

By Harmon Hartzell Bro, Ph.D.

The thesis of this paper is that using the term "psychic" as the central typological designation for Edgar Cayce misdirects serious inquiry on who he was and what he did, as well as impedes replication of his activity, by emphasizing his acquisition of data at the expense of the rich system of values which he both expounded and enacted, and in which he grounded his own self-understanding and practice.

Remote Viewing and Self-Realization

A commentary By Henry Reed

On Russell Targ’s book: Limitless Mind
Edgar Cayce used remote viewing himself sometimes, like when he announced from his self-induced clairvoyant consciousness that his next client had not yet arrived at home where he was to be for his reading from Cayce, or when Cayce noted that the prescribed remedy, "oil of smoke" was hidden in the back room shelf of the pharmacist.

A Story Stranger than Ripley

Henry Reed commentary on:

The PK Man: A True Story of Mind over Matter

By Jeffrey Mishlove

"It is the story of Ted Owens (1920-1987), who had such incredible psychokinetic (PK) ability that he could cause lightening to strike at a moment’s notice at any target he designated."

Conversation with Barbara Marciniak

On the occasion of her new book, Path of Empowerment, Barbara explains the Pleiadian wisdom which she channels and its message for our times.

Try it On! Use your fashion sense to awaken your intuition Described

By Henry Reed

Nancy Rosanoff, Ph.D., a member of the Intuition Network; In her new column, she offers a very interesting method, called "Try it on!" In essence, pretend your option is a set of clothes.

Edgar Cayce on Religion and Psychic Experience

By Harmon Bro

Book Summary by Susie Pedigo

Every human soul has psychic ability. Need, opportunity and intent must be in place before psychic phenomena occurs. So psychic ability has to be more than a kit of useful tools; it must include the awareness the way things are and a desire to work with the way things are.

Gifts of Healing

By Hugh Lynn Cayce

We might say that when an individual obeys the spiritual law which he knows, he will be drawn into the very environment and opportunities which make possible his greatest spiritual growth. ... So, when the group raises the atomic vibrations that make for the positive forces which bring divine forces into action in a material plane; those forces of a destructive nature are broken down by the raising of the vibration.

Practical Mysticism—Humanity’s Next Step: An Interview with Walter Starcke

By Kathy Juline

Walter Starcke is a person of extraordinary accomplishments. Beginning his many-faceted career as an actor and Broadway producer, notably of I Am a Camera, later made into the film and musical Cabaret, he has devoted his life to the study and practice of universal truth principles. Currently a business entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and “Closing the Gap” workshop teacher, he is also the author of a number of books, including This Double Thread (1976), Homesick for Heaven (1988), It’s All God (1998), The Third Appearance (2004), and his most recent, Joel Goldsmith and I (2006). One of today’s most inspired New Thought writers, he lives the life of a practical mystic.


By Alan Watts

An excerpt from his autobiography:
In My Own Way
Americans are feeling outnumbered and threatened, not so much by foreign terrorists but by their fellow Americans. An atmosphere of faith-based paranoia permeates a portion of our cultural climate. Unlike the Europeans, whose educations have included a thorough steeping in religious studies, we do not -- cannot -- view religion objectively. Instead, we clutch our Bibles to our bosoms and with varying degrees of emotional fervor, proclaiming ourselves "a religious nation."

Far Journeys

By Ronald Russell

An Excerpt from the new book:
The Journey of Robert Monroe: From Out of Body Explorer to Consciousness Pioneer
The question of proof no longer concerned him and he had lost interest in taking part in controlled tests. Also, he found it had become very easy for him to move into the out-of-body state. Refreshed after three or four hours of sleep, he was ready to slip out, as it were, but what was there to do? Everyone else was asleep and he saw no point in purposelessly drifting around.

Speaking from the Heart

A Commentary on Joan Grant: Speaking from the Heart--Ethics, Reincarnation and What It Means to Be Human

By the book's editor, Nicola Bennett

In 1964 the English author Joan Grant, famed for her best-selling "far memory" novels such as Winged Pharaoh and Scarlet Feather, visited the Association for Research and Enlightenment at Virginia Beach with her husband Dr. Denys Kelsey. There they gave a series of lectures and Joan's first lecture was titled, with typical simplicity, "Why I believe in Reincarnation."
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