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Precognitive Dreams for Prosperity & Abundance

Walt Stover,

Atlantic University

Do you have fascinating precognitive dreams? Do they include messages leading to prosperity and abundance? Join me now as I awaken you to the quest for such tantalizing and elusive information. My overall belief about dreams is that they are given for transformation, spiritual growth, and healing. This leads through the process Jung called individuation and allows us to become complete and whole. This process involves all facets of life and finding prosperity is certainly included.

My precognitive dreams started on a small scale in 1978 and have continued to evolve. The dreams about financial matters began in 1983 and clearly involved the stock market. I did not seek or ask for this information. It just spontaneously arose from by subconscious. At first I was extremely hesitant about trusting investment decisions to a dream. In September, 1987, I had two ominous warning dreams about the market and immediately sold all of my stocks. A month later, the market plunged over 500 points in one day and I suddenly became a believer. This fascinating activity has continued, and I now have these dreams 2-3 times per month. This is only about 5% of my total dream activity. But it creates considerable excitement in my life.

In 1998, I began to locate other dreamers having similar experiences and we now exchange this information via e-mail. Having a group environment provides a supporting network and allows the information to be pooled to form a more reliable consensus for investment action. The following dreams are a sampling of those reported by our dream sharing group. They are offered for information purposes only and not as recommendations to buy or sell any type of securities.


Dreams about general financial conditions are extremely important during market corrections such as the sharp sell off in July - September, 1998. As this gut wrenching decline continued, I had a dream on 8/15/98 about the stock market acting like an old time sailing vessel in a raging storm that threatened to capsize the vessel. Suddenly we received a weather report telling us that the storm was abating and there was smoother water ahead. The market hit it's low point two weeks later and continued to recover.

Another dreamer at that same time was highly concerned about the devaluation of the Russian currency. Them he dreamed he was swimming under water and saw a huge Russian ship listing badly in the water. Suddenly Mikhail Gorbachev was with him and pointing to the hull of the ship. He immediately saw that the hull was intact and knew that the ship would not sink. This dream accurately foretold him that the Russian currency would not be further damaged.

Feelings can also play a significant role in market dreams. In July, 1998, one lady dreamed about a building falling down around her. It did not fall all at once but piece by piece, and she knew all of it would fall. It was very icy in the dream. She awoke and knew that she needed to pull all of her money out of mutual funds and she had a great sense of urgency associated with the dream. Her prompt action prevented a severe loss that would have occurred if she had stayed invested. Another dreamer in Aug, 1998 was concerned about the market down turn. Then he had a dream in which he saw two very obese people walking down the street from the rear. When he saw their extremely large bottoms, he realized that the market was at a bottom level and his investments were safe.

Recently the stock market advanced sharply from October, 1998 to early January, 1999. Then it stalled at that higher level with a lot of choppy, indecisive action for two months. Many investors sold their stocks then. In late February, 1999, one man dreamed about watching a very average football team beating the Chicago Bears who were a much stronger team. He immediately knew that the bearish forces in the market would be overcome. The market averages moved sharply higher a few days later and he was highly rewarded for having kept all of his stocks.


One group member dreamed about being in a large casino and playing a slot machine. He immediately hit the jackpot and coins and a product like cardboard came flowing out. He knew immediately that the product was extremely valuable. A few days later, he read an article about a company named Lifecell that made an identical product and immediately bought that stock. Other group members have also had dreams about Lifecell. In one dream, a man was so anxious to buy it that he went into three different locations with brokerage terminals to purchase it. Another group member read a lengthy article about ten promising biotech stocks one evening. That night she had a dream about one of them named Transkaryotics. There was a rich, sparkling, feeling associated with the dream. She purchased the stock at $21 and it has recently been in the $32 - $37 range.


Dreams do not always mention specific company names but provide strong symbolic connections. One man living in Atlanta was dreaming about the stock market in mid 1994. He saw a long group of bright, orange buildings that were all connected together. These buildings extended as far as the eye could see and wound up a series of high hills. He immediately connected this dream to the bright, orange Home Depot stores located all over Atlanta. His stock in this company has increased six fold since he bought it in 1994.

In another dream in late 1996, a man walked into a brokerage office and looked out the window. He saw a building where they manufactured jam and jelly sitting at the bottom of a deep hole. Upon checking with his actual broker, he found that Smuckers was the only listed company making jam and jellies. He purchased the stock at $16 and was delighted a few months later when it rose to $28.


Having a major success with market dreams is rare but it does happen. One group member in California kept having repeating dreams about a biotech company named Icos. In early 1995, he invested his life savings in that stock at $4.50/share and found it to be a very peaceful decision. In 1998, he sold most of his stock at $24.50/share and pocketed a high six figure profit. Such events do not represent the average result but are feasible.

In recent months, several other dreamers have reported highly positive dreams about this company. One man dreamed about waking up one morning and going over to his computer. He checked his on-line brokerage account and was delighted to see Icos at $90 which may represent some future, long range potential for this company.

GROUP MISSION STATEMENT Our Stock Market Dream Group has adopted a mission statement to guide our overall actions. This statement acknowledges that we are co-creators with God in the area of prosperity and abundance and use the principles of universal spiritual spiritual laws to guide our decisions. The group also embraces the concept of total self responsibility and requires each member to be completely responsible for their own actions in using these dream messages. Readers must also be responsible for their own actions and fully investigate any dream stock as security markets are volatile, losses are possible, and the future may not occur exactly as shown in a dream. If you are having precognitive market dreams now and wish to join this group, please respond by e-mail to:

DISCLAIMER NOTICE - The author of this article is not a stock broker or financial planner. None of the comments in this article are intended as recommendations for buying or selling any type of securities. (!) Dream Network, Volume 18, No 2 (May, 1999) Sincerely - Walt Stover- VISIT OUR EXPANDED WEB SITE AT:

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