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December 04 , 2006
The Intuitive-Connections Network

Welcome to the third issue of the Intuitive-Connections Network "Webazine." We believe we've provided some interesting and instructive material on the boom industry of intuition training, development and application and more is on the way.

By the third issue it was clear from readers' remarks that we were providing an important and desired service, covering the intuition scene. It was also clear that the publishing approach we were using—four times a year putting out a mammoth collection of material—was outmoded, impractical and not in the best interest of our readers' lifestyle. So beginning with this issue, we are in the process of making a transition. We are moving intuitively, improvisationally, to switch over the publishing mode from putting out large and ponderous steps to adding small and focused items to a growing website.

You'll note in this issue a front page that is similar to the front pages of our first two issues, giving a table of contents of this issue. But there is one with notable exception: Several of the items on the table of contents are listed as "coming soon." In the weeks ahead you will be receiving notices that these items have been added to our webazine. In your notice you'll receive a direct link to the item so you can go right to it.

We hope that this change will benefit our readers' use of time, such a precious commodity in this day and age. We are in the process of designing a new type of home page, a front page that will allow the newcomer to browse the accumulated information on our website as well as allow the long-time subscriber to quickly check out what's new on the site.

As we offer our webazine to our readers, we want to thank those people who have made it possible. First our thanks to the Edgar Cayce Institute of Intuitive Studies, now a part of Atlantic University, for their sponsorship of this news and information service. Please check out the special opportunities they are offering regarding Mission in Life and Psychic Guidance. We want to give special thanks to "Hipis," our volunteer webmaster who works hard to make sure the front page is interesting to look at and that the editor has not fouled up any links. We also want to thank the many volunteers who help create the material that you will read, those who read books and prepare digests, those who scout out web sites for us to feature, and the intuition professionals who give of their time to provide helpful information for our inclusion in Intuitive-Connections Network. And finally, we thank you, the subscribers, who, by putting up with the slight nuisance of enrolling in the sometimes frustrating subscription process, have shown us the support we need to keep on going. We plan to continue our work to bring you the best in news and information on intuition.

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