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Dreaming The Future: The Ultimate Dream Guide

by Suz Andreasen

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Digest by Walt Stover

Can We Dream the Future?

Dreaming is the shape shifting doorway to the human soul. Combined with imagination we can create and define our future. Austrian chemist Kekule dozed in front of his fire and discovered the elusive structure of the benzene ring molecule in a dream. Einstein discovered his principles of relatively when he imagined what the world would be like if you took a ride on a beam of light. A very young Walt Disney discovered the concepts of cartoon animation in his day dreams. He also spoke often of a small mouse that appeared in his nocturnal dreams. This same pathway is open to all of us, and tools are available to help us on this journey. Applying your dreams to waking life
situations is one highly effective method.

Precognition and prophecy have long played a role in people's lives. Many early societies believed in the spiritual delivery and practical insights to be discovered in dreams. Early Japanese believed that a good spirit called "Baku" could be summoned upon awakening and turn your bad dreams into good experiences. Hindu writing from 1500 BC suggests that dreams are part of a progressive problem solving ability that we each carry within our own soul and spirit. The Bible and Koran contain numerous examples of dreams and prophecy. In more recent times Lincoln wrote in his journal about men who wanted him dead. Then three days before his assignation, he dreamed about his own death. Numerous people reported precognitive dreams about the sinking of the Titanic.

Today we can say that dreams are part mythology, part spirituality, and part brain function combined to make a complete mental and psychological force of creative, and often purposeful inspiration. In dreams, we have the ability to glimpse not only what is and what was but also what could be. These vibrant manifestations of the human spirit allow us to decode the basic text of our individual truth, and in doing so, take concerted steps in a given direction. In taking time to work with and understand our dreams, we gain knowledge, insight, and sometimes vision. We create and define our dreams, and in turn, they create and define us.

The History of Dream Interpretation

The modern history of dream interpretation began with the publication of "The Interpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Freud in 1899. Freud used psychoanalytical thought as his model for research and discovery. His concepts of wish fulfillment and manifest content lit a fire in modern psychological study. His heavy focus on symbolism and primal urges led him to conclude that many dreams were sexual in origin. His theories changed the world view of dreams, and we now treat dreams as something to be taken seriously.

Edgar Cayce believed that dreams offer us a window into the future. He asserted that we dream in advance of anything of importance that will happen to us. His psychic readings spoke about dreams as tools for transformation. In dreams, Cayce often experienced many elements of personal precognition and prophecy. He strongly believed that dreams needed to be applied with positive and spiritual action, and could change or even create the future. Cayce strongly urged people to keep a dream journal and to learn how to interpret their own dreams.

The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung made many contributions to the study of dreams. He was the first person to address the concept that dreaming and the images of sleep stem from from a common human source. His knowledge of religion, mythology, and symbolism led him to formulate the identity of the archetypal dream themes among people of different backgrounds and countries of origin. He called this metaphysical arena "The Collective Unconscious." Jung not only explored his own extensive dreams but also analyzed thousands for his clients.

The discovery of Rapid Eye Movement (R.E.M.) sleep in 1953 was a breakthrough in the world of dream research. This discovery led to laboratory techniques for monitoring sleep and dreams stages of brain wave activity, and dramatically accelerated research in this entire area.

Studies by Montague Ullman and Stanley Krippner were carried out in 1960 - 1972 directed at determining if dreams were psychic, and if they could carry a message through channels other than the five normal human senses. These studies were highly successful. In twelve major experiments, 83.5% of the dreams were accurately telepathic.

Tools for Mapping Your Dreams

Most of us carry the desire to have our dreams come true. We all have a wish, a star, or an idea that we hope for in the future. To dream is to live a vision, to embrace magic, to see the future and its possibilities. Dreaming is a path and if you follow it with perseverance you will be greatly rewarded. Keeping a written dream journal is a must. Our dream journeys area highly individualistic and they begin with self. The goal is to bring your dreams out of your closet and into your waking life. This will take time and effort but is well worth it as it leads to new self awareness and personal transformation.

Dream symbols act as emblematic guides for the actions in each dream They reflect emotions, premonitions, and higher truths. Study them carefully to determine your own personal connection and meaning for each symbol. When you track your dreams, avoid jumping to rapid conclusions. Many people feel for certain that their dreams may relate to some immediate, specific event. Long experience has shown that many dreams reveal their inner meaning weeks, months, or even years later.

Learn to be a dream detective. Ask yourself about the significant activities in your dreams. What are they telling you? When is the feeling in the dream present in your waking life? Do you sense that a specific dream is leading you toward some thing or someone? Manifest your dream visions by knowing that they connect you to your place in the world. The messages in dreams are the connective tissue between you and your destiny.

Dreaming the future is what we all do when we close our eyes each night. This journey takes us to places un-conquered and unfounded. We see what we cannot see in our waking minds. The inner self emotes and speaks Through the magic of sleep we find a path to new vistas of spirit and self. Dreaming the future is is possible if we understand that we are the living embodiment of the act of the dream. The panorama of the dream is meaningless unless you interact with it.

When you write about and interact with your dreams, you take the time to know your dreams. Look at your dreams as you would a good novel. With dreams, however, you are the author. You create the book and tell the tale. In knowing this you begin to engage the ability to see the important messages and concepts within your dreams and can then apply them to real life.

Seeing in the Dark

Predictive dreams are part of the nocturnal imprint. Sleeping insight, much like the vision of waking, is often inspired. Precognitive dreams can guide, forecast , and bring healing information. As you begin to decipher the patterns and unique qualities of your dreams, know that precognition is not illusive. In search of the bigger picture, you will learn to discern the difference between the various aspects of predictive dreams. Some dreams may be guiding you to an event in vague and enigmatic terms. Other dreams will be clear and highly visual in their construct. Understanding the nature of precognition requires effort and exploration. Take your time in chronicling your dreams. Don't expect to be dreaming of the future every night.

Precognitive dreaming is still very much a mystery as no definite scientific research has been found on what makes us see the future. However, it is obvious from many examples that such dreaming events do occur. If you sense that your dream is showing you a glimpse into the future, take note of the sensations you experience.  Express your thoughts, emotions, and ideas in your dream journal. Respond to your dreams with appropriate action. Make them part of your life. It is important to remember that many seemingly insignificant dreams hold valuable pieces of information. Precognitive dreams are profound. They rest in a strong visual and emotional cradle. Such dreams that portend future events may reveal their purpose weeks, months, or even years

Beyond Discovery

It is easy to think of dreams and their purpose as something outside of oneself. Many of us separate our lives from our dreams because we lack faith in our abilities and inherent talents. Yet, time and time again, great thinkers remind us of their infinite and tangible value. Beyond the discovery of your dream landscape lies the world of your own purpose. If you find yourself unsure of how to move forward, ask yourself what you want from life. What are you dreams? What would you like to achieve? How would you like to love? What would you like to learn?

As you answer these questions, realize that the intuitive heart offers us a grand opportunity for transformation. Whether it be the pursuit of a new romance, the act of giving, or the desire to discover new ideas, the seed of your growth is born from our dreams. The birth of the soul's ultimate potential can only be found in taking the risk of finding enlightenment. At times it can be frightening, even paralyzing to glimpse the profound truth of your soul. Yet here is where you will find the entryway to any path you chose. When you dare to dream, you dare to find yourself.

You can explore your dreams with the training course offered through the Edgar Cayce Institute of Intuitive Studies, "Discovering Intuitive Guidance in Dreams."

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This Book Digest was prepared by Walt Stover, A graduate of Atlantic University.

Visit his web sites devoted to dreaming of the future of the stock market HERE

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