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A Users' Guide to the Intuitive Connections Network

Henry Reed, Editor

Welcome to our second installment of the Intuitive Connections Network. Our "webazine" is growing. People are noticing. People are participating. Our goal is to provide an online learning community. Our focus is intuition development. Our inspiration is Edgar Cayce, whose Institute of Intuitive Studies provides unequaled opportunities for learning, training and application of intuitive skills. A guiding inspiration is that we can learn together, that, in fact, each person has, through their own inner connection with the Whole, God, or Creative Spirit, something to offer to the rest of us regarding intuition. Our Intuitive Connections Network is dedicated to facilitating that sharing. 

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In this welcoming, I wish to focus on the use of the webazine, its design or construction. 

For the current issue, you can see the table of contents on the "Front Page." That is always the home page of

You will also note that each page of our webazine, including this one, is published on a standard "template" or "stationary," as we call it. I want to thank, by the way, for his untiring work to improve the look of our webazine by continuing to improve our template.

Each page of our webazine, thanks to the design of its stationary, allows you to navigate through our contents. We have two sets of navigation buttons: At the top of the page, just underneath our title banner, and at the bottom of the page, below the white text area. You probably cannot see either set at this point; you'll need to scroll up to the top or bottom of the page to see them. We may change that design limitation with future editions of our template.

Top Navigation Buttons

Looking at the top set of buttons, here are their functions:

Front Page: Takes you to the home page of the webazine, which displays the "front page" of the current issue.

Articles: Takes you to a table of contents of articles, in the current and past issues. This button provides a growing index of the main articles, with direct links, that have been published in our webazine. 

Interviews: Takes you to a table of contents of interviews published, in the current and past issues. We are happy to find such generosity in the realm of professionals working in the field of intuition to share their time with us to provide these interviews.

Web Pages: Takes you to a table of contents of websites featured, in the current and past issues. Webmasters contact us regularly asking to have a link to their website installed on our pages. We are taking a different approach, one that seems to serve better the needs of our readers and actually does a better job of promoting off-site web resources. We are gradually scouting the web for the best resources on intuition topics and creating a "feature" for that web site. A feature describes the site, and provides little bits of sample content, with direct links to those features. Rather than a single link, a feature contains many links to specific areas within the web-site, which gives our readers a better feeling for that web-site and multiple reasons to click on the link and go visit. Our Web Pages button will take you to a growing data base of featured web sites, which will become our equivalent of a "links" section.

Books: Takes you to a table of contents of books digested, in the current and past issues. Our books section is a special feature of our webazine, and has its roots back to previous publications sponsored by the Association for Research and Enlightenment, such as the Perspective Newsletter, which published short digests of recent books. Given the elastic space of the webazine, our book digests can be a bit longer, yet they still provide a time-efficient overview of books important to students of intuition. We appreciate the work of our "digesters," such as Lorrie Kazan, VerDella Denwiddie, Clayton Montez, and others. If you'd like to receive a free copy of a new book in exchange for digesting it for our webazine, email me at!

Features: Takes you to a table of contents of miscellaneous material not covered in other button-links, in both the current and past issues. The features page is where we are storing the links to the "front page" of previous issues. 

Wanted: We want, we need, your input, your participation. This button is our perpetual "Help Wanted" section. We can use people to look for good web sites. We always are looking for good articles. We've gotten good response to our request for volunteers. And volunteering it is, yes, for there's no pay for the efforts. The editor has provided free books and some mementos to contributors, but mainly, it's a labor of love and sharing.

Letters and Messages are two sections that are probably the closest to "bulletin boards" or "threaded discussion groups." Our webazine is too new to perceive how these features may evolve, and transform into more formal bulletin boards or threaded discussions. For now, the Letters section has contributions from readers who wish to share ideas without taking the form of articles and the Messages section is for people who are trying to reach out to other readers, asking for people to participate in projects or to contribute to books in progress.

ECIIS News: Here's a button that presents any new information about the Edgar Cayce Institute of Intuitive Studies. As our main sponsor, we wish to call your attention to developments at this learning organization.

Contact Us: We're trying to make it easy for you to email us with whatever ideas, comments, questions, or suggestions you might have. We have learned, however, that for some browsers, such a link does not automatically open an email window. Almost anything addressed will reach us. Try it. will reach us.

Subscribe: Our subscribe button is a very important feature of our webazine. Subscriptions are free, but, as the subscription page points out, your act of subscribing shows support for our endeavors. This support can be very important to our sponsors. It also automates the delivery system. We mail out notices about new issues of our webazine to a very select list of recipients. These people, in turn, email to their friends, a link to our great webazine (haven't you?). These people, however, will not receive future notices unless their friends remember to update them. So we want to make sure that as word spreads and ripples out, the people who see our webazine can always be sure to receive notice of new issues. To encourage subscriptions, we are making sure that each issue has some tantalizing content ("premium content" in the trade vernacular) that is available only to subscribers. How do we do that? We protect these special articles with a password. When a person subscribes, they receive by return email a password that can be used to access the "Subscribers Only" premium content. When notices are emailed out that a new issue of our webazine is now available, subscribers get a separate, special email, giving them the current password.

So that's the story on subscription. If you haven't already, then please hit the Subscribe button now and subscribe!

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Bottom Navigation Buttons

Moving down to the bottom navigation buttons (located below the white text space), there are two sets to examine.

The upper set, in blue letters on gray, duplicate what's on top, except for one notable exception. There is a Top of Page button to help you get back to the top quickly.

The lower set, brown letters on tan background, are buttons that take you to pages describing various training opportunities at the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies. Many of these buttons have their own links, with interesting information for further exploration. Have a look!


Our webazine is more than something to read. We hope to provide you with incentives to explore, to react. Most of our offerings have a link to a "Commentaries" page. We've seeded the process with some initial comments. Please click on "Click Here" button you'll find at the bottom of most every page. Who knows what you'll fine. In fact, to see if you've read this far, we've hidden a special treat on one of the commentaries pages: a link to an unlisted web page full of interesting pictures and quotations on intuition. You'll only get to see it if you go to the commentary page that has that special link. Can you find it?

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