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Precognitive Stock Market Dreams

Precognitive dreaming is a highly exciting experience. Through this intuitive portal we catch glimpses of future events including stock market activity. Properly understood and applied, such dreams can result in greatly enhanced prosperity and abundance. This fascinating subject was discussed in a Venture Inward article (July/August, 1998) which concluded that more research was needed in this area. A number of people responded in a highly favorable manner and a stock market dream sharing group has been established using e-mail on the Internet to link the far flung participants. Some individual contributors have had successful stock market dreams for 15 - 20 years.


The purpose of the PSMD Group is to allow individuals to become co-creators with God in the general area of prosperity and abundance. The group operates as a private association of individual participants and is not affiliated with or sponsored by any other organization including spiritual groups or financial planning organizations.
The PSMD Group facilitates the co-creation of prosperity and abundance using the principles of universal spiritual laws as given in theosophy, Hinduism, the Edgar Cayce readings and other spiritual teachings. However, no one needs to subscribe to any specific belief system to participate. The PSMD Group also fosters the use of psychic material including dreams, meditations, visions, etc., in a group environment for the purpose of arriving at individual financial planning decisions
The PSMD Group conducts research within the general area of spiritual awareness aimed at individual and group methods for co-creating prosperity and abundance using intuition, psychic ability and universal spiritual laws. The PSMD Group exchanges individual psychic messages including dreams, vision, meditations, etc., that have already been interpreted to other group participants via electronic E-mail. This facilitates the prompt distribution on a worldwide basis so that immediate action may be taken by the recipients based on their own personal judgment and specific financial needs.
The PSMD Group strongly promotes personal growth in which the concept of blaming others is replaced by total self responsibility. Individual participants, therefore, assume full legal responsibility without recourse of any kind for all financial decisions made based on psychic information and general comments circulated by other group participants.

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