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Intuition in Service 

Intuition in Service


Intuition in Service aims to:

Help in the awakening of the intuition, and highlight its role in the creation of a better world.

Promote human unity and right relationships by encouraging individuals and groups to support the United Nations Days and Years through meditation and prayer.

This site has three sections:

1 Intuition and the Creation of a Better World

2 United Nations Days & Years Meditation Initiative

3 Links to a selection of other sites

Intuition in Service is an independent, non-profit program, founded in 1999.

Intuition in Service is supported by a group of friends in different parts of the world who share a vision of the higher potential of humanity and the wish to help in creating right human relations.

Intuition in Service is funded entirely by donations. Donations are accepted with gratitude. We are also very grateful for help in publicizing this work - especially the United Nations Days & Years Meditation Initiative.

The intuition brings direct insight into higher levels of awareness. Outstanding visionaries throughout history have demonstrated that it is the source of visions and ideas that have the power to uplift consciousness and to inspire enlightened progress. Articles on the site include The Way of the Intuition by Jan Nation, Imagination and the Intuition by Angela Lemaire and Intuition and Healing by Judy Jacka.

True intuition is characterized by universality - it reveals the oneness of life and the presence of the sacred in the everyday world of human experience. That we have entered the 21st century with a worldview conditioned by a sense of wholeness and interdependence is a clear sign of the awakening of this higher sense in human consciousness. A number of articles on the site reflect intuitive thinking in different fields of service, for example Sri Lankan Buddhist development leader, A.T. Ariyaratne, Spiritual Awakening, Religious Co-operation and Human Progress: A Living Experience; Peter Singer of the Center for Human Values at Princeton University, The Drowning Child and the Expanding Circle; and Dr Peter Timmerman of the Institute of Environmental Studies at the University of Toronto, Defending Materialism.

Quotations featured on the site draw from a wide range of thinkers. Themes include: Creativity, Imagination & Vision; Cultivating the Intuition; Definitions; Intuition in Science; Inspiration & Dreams.

The site includes a project where those exploring the site can apply their skills in intuitive thinking in support of the United Nations calendar of special Days, Weeks, Years and Decades. The United Nations Days & Years Meditation Initiative offers meditations and resources for individuals and groups to support the themes of UN Days and the UN Year.

The UN calendar forms a well established global rhythm of service. It brings together people of goodwill worldwide to co-operate in addressing the important issues of our time. In the process it marks one of the most creative contributions to the building of human unity.

While there is obviously need for much more outer work to be done on the global problems that the UN highlights, there is equally need for inner work to inspire, sustain and nourish that outer effort.

It is our vision that as readers visit the site and reflect on the articles, key thoughts and meditations they will be shining a light on the intuition and the role it plays in human and world affairs. This group activity of many minds thinking deeply about intuitive perception is a service in itself. It helps to clarify the inner environment. As our insight into the nature of the intuition grows, we help to clear pathways enabling higher thoughts to break into our consciousness. Expanding our thinking beyond the personal leads us to see that these pathways can be fostered in the collective mind and heart, in every area of service.


This section of the web site features a searchable data base of quotations on the subject of intuition and service.

"It is the intuition which reveals true Being and which induces a state of spiritual perception." Alice Bailey


This section of the web site contains many articles on intuition and service. The contents and their links are given below:

What is the Meaning of Peace - Ton Alberts

Spiritual Awakening, Religious Co-operation and Human Progress: A Living Experience - Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne

Intuition in Healing - Judy Jacka

Imagination and the Intuition - Angela Lemaire

The Way of Intuition - Jan Nation

Discoveries of the Intuitive Heart - Henry Reed

Taking a New Road - Mats Segnestam

The Drowning Child and the Expanding Circle - Peter Singer

Ecological and Spiritual Revolution - Hanne Strong

The Ecology of Hope - M.S. Swaminathan

Defending Materialism - Peter Timmerman

The Person in the Universe - Charlotte Waterlow

An excerpt from Intuition in Healing by Judy Jacka

Many healers consider they work by intuition. We need to define intuition so as to establish some criteria for these claims. It is true that most healers use some kind of extra-sensory touch or sight to perform their work but such perceptions are not always spiritual. As soon as we move into the area of psychic perception we are in a veritable minefield of possibilities. Glamour and illusion can very easily creep into the healer's perception and there are many ways that distortion can manifest.

Intuition is sometimes called pure reason or straight knowledge. This faculty comes from our inner spiritual levels. Intuition in relation to healing is a form of direct perception or a process of clear knowing. This is a soul faculty and is therefore infallible once a person has been rightly trained in its use. It is a blend of mental and spiritual perception and this enables the healer unerringly to put his/her finger on the place of difficulty and to know its cause, its effect and its end.

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