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Initial Comments by Henry Reed

In the theme of intuition and spirituality, there is perhaps no more important note than interconnectedness, experiencing others in our own hearts. Without intuition, moral behavior is merely based upon rules. With intuition, moral behavior is a natural expression of the empathy and compassion that intuition makes possible.

Given recent events, Jan's thoughts are even more important. As this issue of the webazine is put together, the terrorist attack on the U.S.A. dominates our consciousness and the news. What factors separate us one from another that leads to such anger? In response to the news, Jeffrey Mislove, whose article on Intuition and Spirituality was digested in our webazine, issued this email to members of the Intuition Network:

September 11, 2001

Today is a day that will be remembered in the annals of history as a tragedy comparable in scope to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the detonation of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, the assassination of Martin Luther King, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  The events of this day are likely to shape the mentality of people throughout the world for generations to come.  And, we now, are at a crucial moment with regard to that very shaping process.

I myself, at this moment, am feeling a sense of numbness.  This all seems too unbelievable.  At the same time, there is anger and a desire for retaliation.  At the same time, there is confusion.  Against whom should retaliation be directed, after all?  How will these events effect our prized liberties as Americans?  To what extent will they unleash the raw, uncensored energies of the human unconscious?  How should a civilized people behave in the face of an unseen, unknown enemy with ruthless, barbaric intentions?  Why are we the target of such murderous anger?  To what extent are we now allowing these enemies to realize their unnamed goals?  What are our alternatives?

It will take us some time to sort through these issues.  My concern is how this debate can be shaped by (and will shape) our understanding of intuition as a force for public good.

Several years ago, the Intuition Network has established a series of eight intuitive principles.  I wonder how they can be brought to bear in the present situation.  They are listed as follows. 
My comments, as they pertain to today's events, are in italics --

Eight Intuitive Principles

Inner Essence. The source of being within each of us and within the universe itself is also the origin of intuitive guidance and of self-esteem.  If we are to truly understand today's events, we must go within ourselves -- deeper than the hubbub of politics and news reports, deeper even than our own emotions and cognitions.

Complex Wholeness. As we accept the fullness of our being, we achieve higher levels of inner refinement and integration.   Today's events are affording us an opportunity to look at our own propensity for violent, angry thoughts and reactiveness, and at our own propensity for compassion.  Being conscious of all of this may allow us to achieve newer and higher levels of consciousness.

Unique Integrity. While all beings are one at the level of essence and wholeness, each person represents a unique integration of human possibilities.   At important levels of being, we are inextricably connected with both the perpetrators and the victims of today's events, with those who are outraged and with those who are pleased with today's results.  Yet, in spite of this metaphysical connection, we are each called upon to take our own unique stance with regard to these events.

Autonomous Purpose. We are grateful for the autonomy to discover and be guided by our own intuitive sense of purpose. We support others exercising this right.  This is a tricky one.  I am inclined to think that my support for the rights of others to make intuitively-guided decisions ends when those decisions lead to acts of violence against innocent people.  My concern, however, is that today's events will threaten the intuitive freedoms we now enjoy.  We are likely to experience a constraining of consciousness similar to that we knew during the old "cold war."

Paradoxical Authenticity. While we seek inner peace and serenity, we also seek to dissolve the walls of numbness that separate us from the pain of others.   This is another tricky one.  Can we come to understand the inner experience of those many people throughout the world who are rejoicing at today's tragic events?  Can we allow ourselves to truly experience the deep (undoubtedly global) pains that have led to this day?  I suggest that we will only be able to achieve peace and serenity when we allow ourselves to feel these multiple and horrendous pains.

Conscious Evolution. By consciously refining and healing our inner being, we are refining and healing the world.   Certainly, refining and healing the world now assumes greater priority and importance than it did yesterday.

Living Community. We support and nurture intuitive communion with all beings.  Everyone loses if this degenerates to a mentality of "us against them."  And yet, intuitive communion with those who would perpetrate or sympathize with such violence seems unthinkable -- perhaps even traitorous -- and certainly "undesirable."   The idea of "intuitive communion with all beings" (and, in particular, all humans) is definitely under assault today.  Acts of violence tend to polarize and divide the living community.  Today, the appropriate response must be "random acts of lovingkindness" rather than retaliation.

Conscious Value. That which enhances and refines consciousness is intrinsically of greater value.   It is a great irony that today's terrorism affords us the opportunity to use the energy unleashed for purposes of consciousness expansion.  Certainly, we do not welcome such events.  But, if we fail to look for positive responses to such ugly events -- we are left with reactive, unconscious alternatives that merely perpetrate more of the same.

These are my thoughts for those of us who do not wish to succumb to blind anger, fear and reactivity to today's events. 

Jeffrey Mishlove

What ideas do you have about the connection between intuition and spirituality as it pertains to world peace?

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