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Intuition: Link Between Psi and Spirituality


Editorial comment by Henry Reed:

By using intuition to link psychic experiences to spirituality, Mishlove has performed a great service. He has helped us to raise our thinking above the limited box of traditional ESP research and its statistical basis and attempts to negate a hollow, undisprovable assumption (namely, results are simply due to "chance" factors). Instead, he takes us to that sphere of inquiry that asks, "where do great thoughts come from?"

In this regard, we would refer you to the book, Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers by Patrick Kavanaugh. In many cases, these composers "channeled" their music in that they felt that they themselves did not invent or create their music, but merely transcribed what they heard and attributed the music to a spiritual source.

Asking us to use our own intuition to explore the patterns that connect, he invites us to examine the lives of scientists, inventors, philosophers and  mathematicians--and he could have included artists and composers--to understand how the creative intelligence behind the design of the visible world can be accessed to create still newer forms for the service of humanity.

Another dimension of the spirituality connection is that many of the aspects of spirituality can only be perceived through intuitive means. For example, how do you perceive your soul? As William Blake pointed out, only the physical portion of the soul--the body-is perceivable by the senses. The rest requires an intuitive perception. In this regard, please see the soul drawings in this issue, and the previous issue, of our webazine. As another example, a basic premise of spirituality is our inter-connectedness. How do you perceive that interconnecteness? Aside from a complex thinking process that connects in the mind facts from science about ecology, and other factors relating to it, interconnectedness is more an idea than an experience. Yet through parapsychological means, or intuition, people can actually experience their connection with one another. As a case in point, see the digest of the book, Your Intuitive Heart, in this issue.

For some discussion of books related to Intuition and Spirituality, click here!

Also, be sure to see our special section on intuition and creativity.

What connections do you see between Psi, spirituality and intuition?

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