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November 30, 2006
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Intuitive Imagery: A Resource at Work

by John B. Pehrson and Susen E. Mehrtens

 Digest by Lorrie Kazan

The new physics is confirming what the mystics always knew.  We can affect our reality and change our destiny.  We are doing it all the time whether it is conscious or unconscious.  The process delineated in this book seeks to give us a provable model for creating the kind of changes we want and having access to a greater range of our psyches.

Currently the only thing that appears to be faster and more comprehensive than computers is Intuition. It is of such importance that I spelled it with a capital I, and fortunately it is something that is available to all of us, though many of us may have lost our full communication with it. 

One way of defining Intuition is to see it as a form of spontaneous knowing that doesn't require the logical mind.  Often, when we know something intuitively, we don't even know why we know.  We have a hunch or a feeling.  Try this, don't take your regular route to work today'sometimes we follow it, sometimes we don't.  Usually we're glad when we responded to our inner cues. 

In Intuitive Imagery the authors have set out a formula for accessing intuition that they've been teaching in top Fortune 500 companies where information needs to be cutting edge, quick, reliable and measurable.  It's a whole brain approach intended to expand our psyches to access the creative right brain (which they note is 50 times the size of the left) and then bring in the power of the analytical left brain to decipher messages and aid in implementation of ideas.

The first portion of the book is divided into sections presenting salient information from the new physics, which wonderfully explains why psychic information is real.  They contrast this with what they refer to as the old, reductionist scientism, i.e., Newtonian cause and effect. 

The authors subscribe to the idea that we're part of a living hologram in which the whole is reflected in each of the parts, and in holograms, is visibly shown to do so when a strong coherent light, such as a laser, is applied.  

If we accept this premise that each of us is a microcosm of the complete universe, then we can agree that all the answers we seek are already within us and yet we need 'the right conditions,' in order to see them.  For the authors, our human version of the laser is the protocol they've laid out in this book.

For them, the unique component of this imaging technique is defined by its being 'blind.'  Thus, if you do this process alone, you'll write your questions on separate file cards which you'll turn face down, shuffle and number before drawing without looking so you will not know which question you've drawn as you start your process. 

If you're working with one or more partners, you will mentally project your question to your partner or partners as you then provide a visualization prompt, such as 'see a door,' 'meet a person,' or 'get a message.'  The authors included a comprehensive list of prompts and the type of questions for which each works best.

Whether you're working alone and 'blind' or with partners, the imaging process is strengthened since the viewer does not consciously know which of the clearly defined questions is the focus, therefore circumventing the analytical mind and it's pre-prepared answers.  When you work with someone else's images, their interpretation is more important than your own.  You have to work together to decode the images and relate them back to the original question. 

For my own research, I chose their prompt, 'see a structure that represents''  I then labeled the first card 'see a structure that represents my business,' the second, 'see a structure that represents my love life,' and the third 'see a structure that represents my health.'  I numbered them and shuffled them so I would not know which question I was drawing.  I then proceeded to the second step of the imaging formula, which allowed me to move quickly from beta to alpha, a state in which the brain waves slow to 7-14 hertz thereby making it easier to access clearer visions.

This is done through breathing, focusing on a phrase or mantra or simply focusing on the here and now'there are a number of choices given'letting the eyes roll gently upward and inward, focusing on a point in the center of the forehead, which will then become the screen on which your images are relayed.

The next step was for me to project a place in nature onto that screen and then project myself into that place and to feel my connection with the earth and everything on it, blending myself with the rocks and the trees and the water until there was no separation, and allowing this energy to fully nourish me.

Next was a grounding technique with that earth energy and surrounding myself in a luminous protective egg, opening the crown chakra, visualizing a beam of light shooting out from the top of my head and extending straight up into the universe.  'Imagine you're connecting with a higher power'with your higher self, with your spirit guides'.'  The process then guided me into a strong connection with the higher mind, universal forces of light, my own soul and higher self and into a telepathic state. 

Remember, this process is for everyone.  You do not need to be psychic in order to participate.  You might compare it to remote viewing which has a specific protocol that when followed works with consistency.

My prompt was to 'see a structure or series of structures.'  I drew my first question and held it between my hands.  I saw a sphinx.  Its texture was rough.  It was beautiful, naturally graceful, permanent, old, all-knowing.  I felt there were many deep passages within.  I had a modern-day image of people jam on escalators and then back to a sense of antiquity and that not everyone could or would perceive all the energy available there.  I felt so safe it's as if I were it. 

I then imagined that I was this sphinx.  'I have the answers, the stability and the humor.  I contain it.  People come to me.  I am empty/not empty.  I am being'earth, love wisdom,' is what I wrote from that point of view.

I then went on to clear my mind and tackle the next unseen question.  I stopped before drawing the third (actually I had four) because I was too curious to see if the images were relating to the questions I suspected I must have drawn.  At this point I could see why it would be advantageous to work with a partner or partners and lead them on a journey, after which we'd interpret their images.

This first pyramid/sphinx turned out to be the structure for the question about my business.  I work as a professional psychic and have for some time, possibly even longer than I know, depending upon how I interpret the images.  I found this image of the sphinx/pyramid really comforting and will use it as a grounding image.

Sample questions I might have used to prompt a partner (or myself, had I remembered):  What do the surroundings look like?  What is your foundation like?  What happens here?

The next question I drew was on my love life.  That was a little less comforting (I saw a tree that grew so high that it was in the dark part of the sky) but led me to do another series of questions about transformation.  For that series I was to find an object of value. 

This time I saw an emerald and its healing energy came in through my fingertips.  Its edges were beveled and it was sphinx-like.   Being auditory, I asked for a message.  I was told:  'don't be so protected.  Feel what you feel. You're safe now.  Feel the earth. You're often right in your perceptions and you don't think so.'  The emerald sphinx turned out to be an image for how to transform/improve my moods.  The images are great fun to work with and if life is holographic, what I see for one area of my life makes a difference in all areas.

Had I received these images for a partner I would have had to ask myself what the images meant to me because they would probably have applied to me in some fashion, as well as my partner's concerns.

Intuitive Imaging Formula

1.      Define the problem:  the clearer the definition/objective, the clearer the answer

2.     Relax and Prepare Yourself:  Set your intention to become relaxed and use whatever relaxation techniques work best for you.  Some excellent ones are included in the book.

3.     Receive Images:  first, continue to clear charkas and intensify link with higher source (raising your vibration and receptivity)

4.     Interpreting the Images Received:  Be open to ideas that come to you

5.     Record:  Keep An Imaging Journal'this allows you to keep a journal of your own inner life, and creates a place in which to verify effectiveness of the technique, expand associations with images

6.     Respond'Act on your guidance in concrete ways, recording dates and actions and note results.  Was the imagery accurate?

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