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Issue #3

The Intuitive-Connections Network

Inspired by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies

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Changes Coming to Intuitive-Connections

Your Mission in Life is a Mission in Intuitive Development
Henry Reed

Learn how the author discovered that his search for a mission in life was an adventure reclaiming intuition.

Books on Mission in Life
Gayl Woityra
Read about several books that help you find and enjoy your mission in life.

You can find help here to discover your mission in life and to enjoy fulfilling it.

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Become a Teacher of Mission in Life

Your Mission in Life

Find Your Mission in Life!

Intuition in Health and Prosperity

Books on Intuition in Health
Henry Reed
An discussion of three recent books describing how to use intuition to work with your health issues.
Precognitive Dreams and Investments
Walt Stover
An account of an ongoing project to use dreams for guiding stock market investments.

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Receive Psychic Guidance in the Manner Envisioned by Edgar Cayce

Becoming a Professional Psychic
Karyn Greenstreet
Medical intuition is a growing field. Learn about this skill and how online study can be a source of training.
Marcia Emery: A Tribute to Her Work on Behalf of Intuition
A look at the work of Marcia Emery, Ph.D., professional intuitive and innovator in intuition training, with many links to unlisted goodies.
Soul Self Portraits, Part3                 Coming Soon!
Henry Reed

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Intuition and Spirituality


Intuition and Synchronicity 
By Hazel M. Denning

Digest by VerDella Denwiddie
How our knowing from within can reveal surprising patterns in our lives.
Dreaming the Future
By Suz Andreasen

Digest by Walt Stover
A guidebook to dream work that focuses on precognitive dreaming..
The Trickster and the Paranormal     
By George P. Hansen

Digest by Clayton Montez
A major new book explaining why "psychic" or the paranormal has such a hard time finding a place in our society..
The Psychic Paradigm                     
By Beverly Jaegers

Digest by Lorrie Kazan
A text on psychic development by the original psychic detective and founder of U.S. Psi Squad..


Using Intuition and Synchronicity for Greater Spirituality
Emily Van Laeys
How an author found spiritual connections in her work.

Intuition is the voice of your Spirit
Jonni O'Connor, Ph.D.

How learning to be intuitive is developing a relationship with your spiritual self.

Intuition and Creativity

Confessions of a Dream Quest Veteran
Noreen Wessling
How one person using the Dream Quest model developed her creativity.

Visualization in Creative Work
Newton Meyers

Intuitive Watercolors                       Coming Soon!
Henry Reed

Rudolf Steiner's BlackBoard Drawings
An exhibit at UC Berkeley




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Field Tested Psychics
Professional intuitives who have proved their helpfulness at the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies.
Psychic Healing or Terrorism?
Larry Dossey suggests that prayers can heal others and that curses can hurt them. Explore this controversial idea.
Is Psychic Invasion a Case of Co-Dependency?
Henry Reed
A personal story of psychic invasion suggests a new view on this controversy


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