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December 22 , 2006
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On Being Non-Attached to Outcomes
By Brandon Bays

Non-Attached to Outcomes

Often, we become attached to something or someone because deep down we fear we wouldn’t be complete without them. We fear letting go into the presence of the unknown, and feel that we would be left bereft, lost, alone without that outer possession, person, lifestyle. We fear non-existence.

Were the Atlanteans Neanderthals?
A Commentary by Noble Augusta On:
Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals: 10,000 Years of Lost History By Colin Wilson

Were the Atlanteans Neanderthals?

I would never have connected Neanderthal cave men with stories about the technologically advanced civilization of Atlantis. By the time I had begun the third chapter, I was out of my seat, reaching for my handy desk-top globe and world atlas.

Taking The Journey to Wild Divine
By Jed J Bendix

Taking The Journey to Wild Divine

One advantage "The Journey" has over other biofeedback devices is in teaching the effect emotional states have upon our body’s rhythms. Some sessions ask you to raise your energy level while others ask you to bring it down.

Gifts of Healing
By Hugh Lynn Cayce

Hugh Lynn Cayce

We might say that when an individual obeys the spiritual law which he knows, he will be drawn into the very environment and opportunities which make possible his greatest spiritual growth. ... So, when the group raises the atomic vibrations that make for the positive forces which bring divine forces into action in a material plane...

Shamanism and Water
A presentation by Henry Reed

Shamanism and Water

Water and shamanism have much in common. In this slide show, presented at the annual Schwartz Report Conference at A.R.E. on the theme of the Secret Life of Water, Henry explores the various shamanic activities water invites.

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