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December 07,   2008
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Limitless mind: A guide to remote viewing and transformation of consciousness
By Russell Targ
Book Summary by Gabriela Drinovan

Limitless mind

New perspectives are open for ESP researchers by studies performed in the last five decades in the world laboratories where thousands of experiments in perceptive capabilities of people have been conducted. It seems that it is in anybody's power to benefit from an expanded consciousness...

Matter of Spirit
By Elizabeth Barberi
Book Summary by Susie Pedigo

Matter of Spirit

Religion is an experience for some people. For others it is an idea that guides their lives. The author's religious journey includes both methods and has been successful for her. The stated purpose of this book is to help others find the happiness that her journey has brought her...

What Are We to Make of the Bleep?
By Henry Reed

What Are We to Make of the Bleep?

"I have encountered three responses to the movie. The first is excitement that a movie addresses topics to a general audience that are of such vital interest to members of the A.R.E. community. The second is disappointment that the movie didn't show anything "new," meaning what the person knew already. The third is an expression of curiosity...


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