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December 07,   2008
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Remote Viewing Special Edition:

Captain of my Ship, Master of my Soul, by Skip Atwater
Book Summary by Lorrie Kazan

Captain of my Ship

Remote Viewing is a perceptual technique based on an innate human ability to mentally perceive and describe things separated or blocked by distance, shielding, or even time.

Remote Viewing Challenges Self-Actualization

Remote Viewing Challenges

A response to Lyn Buchanan’s book, "The Seventh Sense: The secrets of remote viewing as told by a psychic spy."
Sticking your eyeballs into someone else’s mind should be something that the person should be able to detect and defend against, in the same way that one’s immune system casts off alien organisms.

Value Added Remote Viewing
by Henry Reed

Value Added

What has to be added to remote viewing to make it a useful tool for self-actualization?

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