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December 07,   2008
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Healing Through Painting
By Patricia Sulllivan

Healing Through Painting

During my AU studies I took the course on the use of visual arts for healing. I loved it. It got my creative juices going. And it helped me get rid of some fears I had regarding expressing myself.

The Ultimate Time Machine
By Joseph McMoneagle
Book Summary by Jed Bendix.

The Ultimate Time Machine

One of the top military remote viewers, with several other books on the subject to hs credit, Joe McMoneagle applies his skills to remote viewing the future...

Applied Remote Viewing:
Project Blind Awareness

By Jenna Ludwig.

Jenna Ludwig

A man explained to psychic Carol Ann Liaros (who is Senior Trainer at the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies) that although he had been totally blind for over 41 years since the age of four, he could see the auras of those around him...

The Social, Spiritual, and Religious Effects
of Numinous Experiences

By The Rt. Rev. Dr. Bruce D. LeBlanc

Effects of Numinous Experiences

While researchers have investigated religious and spiritual experiences, often within the classification of parapsychological phenomena, little research has been undertaken specifically about numinous experiences...

A Comparison of Astrology Charts for
the Same Person by Different Astrologers

By J. Sue Gagliardi

Sue Gagliardi

Twenty different astrologers were asked to create and interpret the astrological birth chart of one individual. Variations and similarities were observed. The majority of the interpretations did identify the subject's career and accurately forecast future conditions in the subject's life.


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