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June 14,   2011
Intuitive Connections, February, 2011

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Self-Hypnosis for Abundance

By Karin Stanley

My goal with this exercise was to create a personal self-hypnosis script and tape recording, use this tape regularly and consistently for a period of two weeks, to note any changes in my physical body, to monitor my internal thoughts, to notice my relational responses and my overall state of being during this time period; and to compare the results with a post week of no self-hypnosis activity to note my true progress using this technique.  The following is a personal account showcasing my experience with this process.

Art of the Dream

By Henry Reed

As a graduate student at U.C.L.A., I began to record my dreams. At the same time I began some doodles of some faces. When I left U.C.L.A. and moved to the East Coast to begin teaching at Princeton, I continued my doodles. I added color markers. Then a woman friend gave me a set of pocket water colors. This present opened up a whole new world. But it was a bit scary, too. I couldn't control the colors at all. They were a bit outside my comfort zone. But then, as I began to experiment with them, I had some dreams.

Books Books

Atlantis and 2012

By Frank Joseph

Here is a thoughtful gift to readers.  Much easier to read than many of the rather technical books on the Mayan Calendar, this work provides much food for thought for readers concerned about 2012.  Moreover, it delights fans of Edgar Cayce with its many corroborating results from recent studies and explorations.  The author's idea to coordinate a discussion of the Mayan Calendar, 2010, and Edgar Cayce results in a fascinating book for readers.

Mastering Creative Anxiety
By Eric Maisel, Ph.D.

Many anxieties arise as you attempt to create anything: a painting, a new recipe, a home business, or a solution to a personal problem. There is the anxiety associated with going into the unknown, with relinquishing control, with making choices -- innumerable anxieties arise as you endeavor to create, whether that creation is something as grand as a novel or as everyday as a new filing system or new decor for your living room.


Meditation: An In-Depth Guide

By Ian Gawler & Paul Bedson

Meditation is increasingly recommended for relaxation, for enhancing relationships and well-being, to increase performance in sports and business, for personal growth, and to assist healing. Introducing mindfulness-based stillness meditation, Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson explain how to build a daily meditation practice. The authors also show how meditation can be used to work with our emotions, aid healing, manage pain, or as a spiritual practice. Meditation is a path we can pursue and refine throughout our lives.

The Trinity Secret

By Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman

This book is a primer that takes you on a journey of a specific symbol and archetype that is incorporated and emanates from concepts of threes.   These threes are commonly know as triads, triunes or trinities.  They explain that there is a deeper symbolism and cosmic meaning innate in threes.  There is, in the birth source of these trinities, the basis for becoming co-creators with the universe.  Within the symbolism of three is a secret hidden in plain sight, lost in the inundation if triunes that surround us.


Books Published by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies Books Published by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies

Future Consciousness: A 2012 Omni Reader

Edited by Henry Reed

Is the world preparing to make a shift? Is consciousness changing? Does the Mayan calendar speak of a major global event coming on December 21, 2012? What are the other prophecies regarding the future? Are there any new ideas? 445 pages of book summaries, articles, etc. will broaden your perspective on what's coming.

The All Seeing Eye: A Remote Viewing Omni Reader

Edited by Henry Reed

How did remote viewing come into existence? What has "RV" accomplished? How does one go about doing an RV session? This 322 page anthology contains summaries of most all the books published on remote viewing, plus some never before published material on the subject.

The Intuitive Heart
By Henry Reed and Brenda English
Discover how natural your intuition already is. Learn how your breath can teach you inspiration and how gratitude can open your heart to intuitive realizations. This book is the basis of a unique program training people in how to collaborate with intuition.
Edgar Cayce Sobre Canalizando Su Yo Superior
Por Henry Reed

Internet News Links Internet News Links

Life, Death, Life-after-Death, and the Non-Local Mind, by Paul H. Smith, Ph.D. Often, the presence of death turns us to questions. Almost as if on their own, our minds grab for answers we hope will lead us to understand.

The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation, by Paul Von Ward, describes amazing discoveries regarding those who have returned. The first part of his book is available as a free download.


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