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December 07,   2008
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Practical Intuition by Laura Day
Book Summary by Linda Brown

Practical Intuition

We don’t need to know how intuition works to reap its benefits. Learn to trust that you know, without knowing why you know. We can develop our intuition so that we will make better decisions and have more control of our lives.

Soul Expression and Visionary Art by Henry Reed
With Intuitive Landscape drawings by Greg Deming

Soul Expression and Visionary Art

Creating is an essential part of the soul’s activity and thus belongs to everyone as their natural birthright.

Intuitive Answers for Pets by Renee Takacs

Intuitive Answers for Pets by Renee Takacs

Stories of an intuitive animal communicator.

An Experience of One by Sandra K. Heggen

An Experience of One

A horse riding story about finding that special connection of oneness.

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