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Developing the Psychic Profession
Commentary by Henry Reed on

Developing the Psychic Profession

The Intuitive Career: How to Succeed as a Consultant, Reader, or Healer, by Cay Randall May What can society expect from a professional intuitive? I think it is crucially important that psychics get it together to provide us with an answer. It would create the actual status of "profession" in the mind of society...

Enhancing the Intuitive Coping Style through Transpersonal Course Instruction: A Pilot Study.
By David W. Miller

Enhancing the Intuitive Coping Style

Many people are unaware of their inherent intuitive skills for dealing with the stressful situations of modern life. But others are aware of this intuitive transcendent phenomenon in the form of hunches and have learned how to sporadically use it...

The Psychic Mafia: Who Are They and How Do We Escape Them?
By Lorrie Kazan

Lorrie Kazan

Mediums in this book are villainous con artists who use multiple techniques of fakery, fraud and even sexuality in order to fool and fleece the public. Some techniques should be obvious-for instance, if you're having sex in the séance room with your dead husband's ghost, you might want to turn up the lights and see what's real.

Exploring Beyond the Ego Mind
An essay on Transpersonal Knowing
By Jan Kruyff

Exploring Beyond the Ego Mind

Thinking is a great human pastime. We all think. Whether it is about our next meal, how to manage our present problem, or where to vacation, we always seem to be thinking. Maybe we even pass all of our time thinking. But how often do we think about thinking, a thing that comes so naturally to us...

The Gift of Prophecy
By Echo Bodine

The Gift of Prophecy

For centuries, religious leaders have clumped fortune tellers and prophets (psychics) in the same category and called them evil and this is wrong. A prophet is someone who is gifted and has usually worked hard to understand his/her gift. There is so much positive support in the New Testament for the gift of prophecy and it's time people know that.

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