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October 15, 2007
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"Please relax and let me help you," offers A.U. student Nancy Judd on the home page of her website, Aging Concepts: "Roaring into Elderhood".

She says she has "found that many people who are suddenly faced with aging issues don't have any idea where to go for information or help. This web site has been designed to help you get the direction and assistance you may need."

Besides much helpful information (social security, senior citizen benefits, adult care, being a grandparent, and much more), she has a meditation chapel online, the idea for which she got from a dream. The site is so well regarded that Google brings it up first in line if you search "aging concepts."

Read in current issue:

The Future of Man

By Pierre Teillhard de Chardin

Book Summary by Maggie Spilner

For man to continue progressing, without blowing himself, or the earth to bits, there must be a passionate longing to grow emerging from Mankind. And that growth must be with unification in mind. As the earth becomes smaller (more people, same space) man, by some force, will bring a common soul to mankind. Inwardly and in freedom, we must choose to come together.

Relationships: How Are You Connected?

By Christian de Quincey

An excerpt from:
Radical Knowing: Understanding Consciousness through Relationship

This may come as a surprise to some people: You cannot not be in relationship. It is a fact of life. Yet so many of us spend a lot of our precious time and money trying to find relationships, or the perfect one. But after some reflection and clear thinking we come to recognize a basic, simple fact ...


Renaissance II: Rebirth in the New Clear Age

By Donn O'Connor

A summary by the author

Edgar Cayce, a dedicated Christian, was somewhat dismayed to learn that he had, while in a self-induced trance state, made a statement referring to reincarnation, since he had considered the concept to be "the work of the Devil." Such would be a normal reaction, since it is not commonly known ...

The Nine Powers of Dreaming

By Robert Moss

An excerpt from:
The Three "Only" Things.

Have you ever said, "it's only a dream"? While we often dismiss dreams, or fail to make room for them in the hurry of our daily lives, dreams can be a fabulous source of guidance, healing and juice for any day. Dreams offer us nine tremendous gifts.

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»»» Explore many subjects in the fascinating field of dream interpretation, enjoying the many online articles at the British site, "Analyse Dreams" Dreams and their meaning are explained for many types of dreams, dream themes, and common dreams. They also offer a monthly newsletter. «««
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